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Has the same insert as item #0795 Posted within the last 24h 
By Pheel242 (0) May, 30 1:56 AM (4h 6m ago)
A complete copy of this reissue includes the same 4-page English/Japanese text insert as item #0795 on this site. Misspelled songs listed on this insert include chapter/track 8 ‚??Char Lotte Sometimes‚?Ě, and 9 ‚??In Between Day‚?Ě on side 1; 11 ‚??Killing An Arat‚?Ě on side 2. Also a 14 question 2-sided postcard to complete and return by mail to Videoarts Japan, Inc.
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In Orange (issued 1990). Videoarts "Super Stars Collection" price sticker on front sleeve. Includes lyrics insert.
In Orange 12" Laserdisc  Japan Videoarts (VAL-3871) 100-200€ 7
By alovetocure (20) May, 28 9:53 PM
Hello, is anyone interested in such parts? htts://

    alovetocure (20) May, 28 10:12 PM
    If so, I will admit them for sale here.
    alovetocure (20) May, 28 9:55 PM
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