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PolyGram or EuroGram? Replied within the last 24h 
By webmaster May, 27 2010 10:17 PM
Sorry that's the best we can make out of the pictures received. It'd be nice we could read the circle credits on the labels and back sleeve. To Amocure: you seem to be the only one owning this astonishing record, for we can't but remind you it'd be great that you could re-shoot or get the record scanned (as asked a few posts ago). In any case, thanks very much for filling up the site with this one-of-a-kind missing.

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    Vegemite (0) May, 23 10:01 PM (16h 58m ago)
    Everytime I return to this site I look at this record in awe. I would be so grateful if the "Two owners ebiasi, Jrcure and amocure" would provide a link to a video of this iconic 7" playing on a turntable. For me, a 7" record featuring Siamese Twins / Cold could only surpasse such a disc.
    curemember (57) Sep, 6 4:41 AM
    Two owners ebiasi, Jrcure and amocure Best regards/Lasse
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Disintegration / Plainsong (issued 1989). Unique picture sleeve. Note "Plain song" not "Plainsong" on sleeve. Thought to be withdrawn due to mispressed b-side. - Thanks to amocure
Disintegration / Plainsong (Promo only) 7" Single Spain EuroGram 3000.00€ 1
Greece Test Pressing on Ebay  
By vandeebgroup (72) May, 23 9:27 AM
Be careful of this listing. Compare it to Greek test pressings for Wish and Show pictured on this site, and youâ??ll see that the fonts are different. Center holes look like they were cut with a knife instead of punched out. Labels look like they might be glued on, but hard to tell from the photos.
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New member: nikytow1970 (France)  
By (auto) May, 21 12:38 PM
Welcome! If you are a collector and find this place helpful in your collecting experience, we'd very much appreciate you helping us to learn more about new pressings, which in the end is what this is all about. We also look forward to reading your thoughts on the Forum. Thank you for joining.
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By curemember (57) May, 20 12:24 AM
Scans sent!! And also for The Perfect boy us promo acetate cd watermarked! /Lasse
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High (Promo) CD Maxi-single Japan Polydor 0-100€ 3
By alovetocure (20) May, 14 4:45 AM
Release Date 04.11.1999 ebay auction

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    curemember (57) May, 19 9:17 PM
    Rod x (513) May, 19 7:34 PM
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