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How rare?  
By webmaster May, 17 11:23 PM
Nice! It'd be interesting to know if anyone's copy is a mispress and didn't notice.

    steveetorch (4) May, 20 6:24 AM
    just looked ... nope
    curemember (66) May, 18 3:23 AM
    HA, just realized it was this one i had, not the other one with front side flipped. Thanks for update Web. I will change this
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Catch / Breathe (issued 1987). Mispressed release with back side flipped horizontally. - Thanks to faithhealer3
Catch / Breathe 7" Single United Kingdom Fiction (clear, flipped back) 200-300€ 2
By webmaster May, 17 10:44 PM
Probably the most WTF Polish tape on the site.

    webmaster May, 17 10:48 PM
    @CURarEk, it'd be nice if you could submit the cassette's two missing scans. Thanks in advance
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Disintegration (issued 1989). Double cassette. - Thanks to CURarEk
Disintegration Cassettex2  Poland Kaso 0-100€ 1 Non-official