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New highest offer placed Posted within the last 24h 
By (auto) Apr, 24 1:01 AM (15h 18m ago)
An offer for a complete copy of this item has just been placed by gillescoss and is now the current highest offer. Learn more.
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First aid kit box (issued 1987). Promo white 14" box with inner "Kiss me" material. Complete set includes stickered 12" and cassette. Some copies include either "Kiss me..." CD longbox or "Just like heaven" cassette longbox. Content varies from box to box. Around 100 copies made. - Thanks to autumncure
First aid kit box (Promo only) Various formats Set United States Elektra (box) 1218.86€ 4
Records for Sale Replied within the last 24h 
By AdamM (8) Apr, 23 4:13 PM
Hi, I now have the rest of my collection for sale including 12" & LPs. What's left you can see here: Adam

    curemember (57) Apr, 23 5:07 PM (23h 12m ago)
    Hello Adam, the link doesnt work
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Gold star?  
By thekremlin (0) Apr, 16 12:08 AM
I've just picked this up with an eight pointed gold star embossed on the back of the sleeve... similar to the gold promo stamps they stamp on. Anyone know what the gold star means?

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    thekremlin (0) Apr, 21 4:25 PM
    No one seems to know for definite but it looks likely it means it's a promo... weird.
    thekremlin (0) Apr, 17 10:17 PM
    I've asked on the discogs forum... see if anyone knows there.
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Seventeen seconds (issued 1980).  - Thanks to reidy
Seventeen seconds 12"  United Kingdom Fiction (standard sleeve) 0-100€ 19
150 Euros !  
By easyme (0) Apr, 18 10:37 PM
a mint- copy has just been sold for 159.5$ i have been overbid at 157$ :/ try to rate it but syntax error on screen... Regards
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Why can't I be you? (issued 1987). Green-blue jacket. With sticker.
Why can't I be you? 12" Maxi-single Philippines Dyna (green sleeve) 100-200€ 11
There is another version  
By Pheel242 (0) Apr, 12 6:54 AM
Just bought a sealed copy that has the same upper back tray info, same BMG Direct cat #, but includes a barcode in the box -- so the font size and arrangement of the text is necessarily different. Does anyone else have this? I can send a scan -- everything else appears to be identical (and, again, my copy is sealed so unable to confirm inside contents and whether they are the same or different).

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    vandeebgroup (72) Apr, 18 9:48 AM
    I have both (I actually joined BMG music club several years ago so I could get these barcoded editions easily, before they went out of business). The earlier editions did not have barcodes. Just do a search from the homepage for the word "BMG" and you'll get an overview of all of the variations.
    rafacure (472) Apr, 16 12:49 AM
    I have it too. I think there are both bmg releases of each cd album (with snd without barcode) some of them already in the site
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Kiss me kiss me kiss me (issued 1987). Record club issue. Manufactured for BMG Direct Mkt, Inc. under licence from WEA. Additional catalogue numbers on sleeve and disc.
Kiss me kiss me kiss me CD  United States BMG 0-100€ 14
How many copies exists?  
By curemember (57) Jul, 6 5:08 PM
Hello, little curious how many copies exists of this promo-cd, so i wonder which number you have? I have number 64 and the highest number so far i have seen are number 390, so maybe 400-500 copies?

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    curemember (57) Apr, 17 11:57 PM
    Ok Sukiac, not bad:), i have not seen a number over 400, so...
    sukiac (2) Apr, 17 5:38 AM
    Bonjour Lasse ... You search the last number ... I have the first ... numbered '1' ... Regards.
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Bestival Live 2011 (issued 2011). Numbered watermarked CD-R. Gatefold PVC sleeve with inserts. - Thanks to Rod x
Bestival Live 2011 (Promo acetate) CD-Rx2  United Kingdom Sunday Best 0-100€ 12