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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Replied within the last 24h 
By sukiac (9) Jul, 9 2015 9:26 PM
Bonjour ... I have redeemed this "Press-Kit" to this collector on TCR ... I doubt that it was distributed in this way !!! Initially as usual, Metronome distributed in Germany before commercial issue: a normal album + Promo Sheet(s) + b&w photo(s) ... For me the rest, ie the plastic bag and the keyring is added back !!! ... On the bag any promo mark ... I bought the series of keyrings "Cure Album" between 2000/2005 !!! That's what I can say about this press kit ... Regards.

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    alovetocure (20) Jan, 22 10:18 PM (1m ago)
    The key ring is not guaranteed!
    alovetocure (20) Jan, 22 10:15 PM (4m ago)
    So if you bought an LP from The Cure`s Head on the Door or from Double`s Blue, you got this plastic bag. Both albums were released in 1985. Maybe then somehow belongs to the album.
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The head on the door (issued 1985). Press kit includes bio sheets, a key-ring, a promo photograph and a bag. - Thanks to Lecume
The head on the door (Promo) 12"  Germany Metronome (+ press kit) 100-200€ 4
KissMe bag ? Replied within the last 24h 
By Rod x (525) Nov, 20 2008 10:48 AM
Hi ! Does anyone know if the bag was too given free when we buy the album (like the Wish bag) ? I own it but I don't really know where does it come from. Thanks in advance. :) regards / Rod x

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    alovetocure (20) Jan, 22 12:44 AM (21h 36m ago)
    The Black Folder with silver The Cure font belongs to The Head on the Door Germany Promo Lp.
    Vegemite (0) Aug, 24 2017 7:16 PM
    Nice bag though, seems The Cure in France had some wonderful promotional items over the years. Nevertheless, it would be almost impossible without manufacturer proof that these bags were produced via Fiction. Which record stores distributed them? Were they large franchises or small independent shops. Sukiac I believe you propose an important question, "who paid for these to be made?" In Australia, I never saw these ever. Wish Chris Parry could do a Q & A for us.
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Kiss me kiss me kiss me  (issued 1987). With sash and flier ad for the "Ten imaginary years" book. Promo gold stamp on back. Press kit includes a "Kiss me..." bag and a folder with two photographs.
Kiss me kiss me kiss me  (Promo) 12"x2  United Kingdom Fiction (press kit) 100-200€ 7
TheHead on the Door Posted within the last 24h 
By alovetocure (20) Jan, 21 11:07 PM (23h 12m ago)
Yes, I also think that the key fob and the carrying case are not part of the set, so the key fob was available from different albums in 2004. Please remove the webmaster using the black folder with The Cure silver font from Kis Me UK Promo, Item 4599. thx
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The head on the door (issued 1985). Press kit includes bio sheets, a key-ring, a promo photograph and a bag. - Thanks to Lecume
The head on the door (Promo) 12"  Germany Metronome (+ press kit) 100-200€ 4
Sending scans of promo folder  
By Pheel242 (0) Jan, 21 6:18 AM
Hi webmaster, I am sending scans of a promo folder that came with my copy. It's a simple black folding cover with an image of the front cover stuck to the front. Inside an undated single press release in German on Metronome stationery, double-sided. Also included are 2 small photos with dates 5/86 and Metronome credits and logo.

    webmaster Jan, 21 5:38 PM
    Beautiful never seen folder! From the pictures it's hard to say how large the folder is. Can you confirm? Even if the record that came with it is 0446, in order to list the item we'll need the actual scans of that record. Following this rule is the only way to guarantee the item really is what it is.
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Standing on a beach ∑ The singles (issued 1986).
Standing on a beach ∑ The singles 12"  Germany Metronome 0-100€ 27
Includes printed inner sleeve.  
By Pheel242 (0) Jan, 16 6:44 AM
Note to fellow collectors and fans: a complete copy of this release includes a printed inner sleeve.

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    rafacure (498) Jan, 21 5:52 AM
    And finally you say your inner is a match to the one shown in the site, did you mean is a mixed? i had to search the different meanings of that word :) with my poor english...i don‚??t know if i missunderstood your message In that case, which are the differences? Would be interesting to see a scan or a picture of both sides of the inner in they are different
    rafacure (498) Jan, 21 5:30 AM
    Hi Pheel. Everything is possible from PolyGram Spain...they have done so many different pressings that many times they only changed the labels on the vinyl keeping the sleeves from previous releases, including the credits. So it could be possible that the inner belongs to that edition, although as i said in the other post, the most common is that the rereleases from Eurogram from 1990 onwards came with white plain inner sleeve. Not all of them, for example Faith with pink labels came with printed inner sleeve. What means i have to search for your edition with printed inner sleeve :). So good spot!!! One question: is it printed in the corner of the inner sleeve the month and the year? For example 08/83
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Japanese whispers (issued 1984). Barcode. Manufactured by EuroGram. Only the b-side label draws a complete circle line. - Thanks to cusso
Japanese whispers 12"  Spain Polydor (EuroGram) 0-100€ 5
The Cure in Japan 1987  
By webmaster Jan, 17 12:24 AM
The Cure visited Japan that year, about 2/3 months before the start of the Kissing tour in Canada. The Kiss me album was the first album released by Polydor Japan, leaving Vap behind. A few appearances were arranged in a wide variety of TV shows, like We suspect the drawing on this card could have to do with a contest organized by Polydor, possibly related to one of these TV appearances. Other interesting videos are and

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    webmaster Jan, 20 7:15 PM
    By the way, the drawing and the autographs are printed. Description updated.
    webmaster Jan, 20 6:09 PM
    I wish I knew. They are found together and do make sense, so that is our main guess. Those dates the Kiss Me album wasn't out yet, but Why can't I be you only. Without further info, we find it feasible enough. There're a few similar examples across the site we simply take as what they look (when we trust the source), like the recently listed 17 Secs promo with 7 Records flyer announcing Boys don't cry.
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Japanese whispers (issued 1987). With promo card by Polydor Japan with a printed drawing of Robert Smith disguised like in Why can't I be you? videoclip and printed autographs from all Cure members..
Japanese whispers 12"  Japan Polydor (+ card) 600-1200€ 1
To jchristophem  
By sukiac (9) Mar, 1 2014 7:34 AM
Bonjour ... I have the same without sticker on front ... with promo round sticker and long text on back ... is it the same?

    sukiac (9) Jan, 20 6:53 AM
    Ok JC on back you're right for the 'long text' ... but my promo sticker is always round !!!
    jchristophem (171) Mar, 4 2014 8:07 AM
    No sticker on front.Small square sticker at the back "Promotional copy not for resale" No long text(?) at the back...
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V.A. · The crow (Promo) CD Soundtrack Germany Atlantic (w/ "Burn") 0-100€ 2
By sukiac (9) Jan, 20 6:47 AM
Bonjour ... This german promo edn exists in SPAIN with 2-ink stamps for radio station and in AUSTRALIA with a sticker 'ew' 'east west records' ... Regards.
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The Crow sampler (issued 1994). 4-tracks. Includes track "Burn".
V.A. · The Crow sampler (Promo only) CD Sampler Germany Atlantic ((SAMPLER) w/ "Burn") 0-100€ 23
We've made 2 in 1  
By webmaster Jan, 19 7:34 PM
As most of you pointed out, it seems like there were no two different samplers, but just one item housing the inlay AND the folder. Collectors who have item 3060 in their collections, beware this item will be removed from the site soon. We are glad to include the extra sheets sent by Cure1980. It's taken ages, Darren, sorry about that. And thanks so much for scanning them all. It's a great piece of info and a pleasure to read.

    alovetocure (20) Jan, 19 8:57 PM
    I love the accessories from all publications ... Thx
    tsao (0) Jan, 19 7:36 PM
    With additions like this, it's not painful to downgrade my item to incomplete! Thanks Cure1980
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The Top sampler (Birmad Girl / Shake dog shake / The bananafishbones) (issued 1984). One-sided 33 rpm 3-track sampler including "Birdmad girl", "Shake dog shake" & "The bananafishbones". Issued in a plain sleeve with sticker. Housed in a fold-out sleeve containing a picture photo-quality inlay of "The top" with art differing slightly from the album cover, and a b&w promo folder. The record sleeve can be found either with plain white or black sleeve. - Thanks to Cure1980
The Top sampler (Birmad Girl / Shake dog shake / The bananafishbones) (Promo only) 12" Sampler United Kingdom Polydor (+ sheets) Out of market 6
Due to be removed soon  
By webmaster Jan, 19 7:35 PM
We will replace this item with another item some time soon.
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The Top sampler (Birmad Girl / Shake dog shake / The bananafishbones) (issued 1984). Item due to be removed.
The Top sampler (Birmad Girl / Shake dog shake / The bananafishbones) (Promo only) 12" Sampler United Kingdom Polydor (item removed soon) 1127.50€ 4
By sukiac (9) Jan, 19 6:14 AM
Bonjour ... Exists with promo white paper sticker on back + commercial green sticker on front ... Regards.
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The history boys (issued 2006). Promo copies have a punch hole on the back sleeve. Includes "A forest". - Thanks to rafacure
V.A. · The history boys CD Soundtrack European Union Korova (w/ "A forest") 0-100€ 4
By sukiac (9) Jan, 19 6:06 AM
Bonjour ... I have this promo LP with the same sleeve printed in red (idem Kiss me) ... Regards.
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Standing on a beach ∑ The singles (issued 1986). Red label. Fold out promo picture sleeve. Radio promo stamped labels.
Standing on a beach ∑ The singles (Promo) 12"  Peru Polydor (red label) 300-600€ 2
By sukiac (9) Jan, 19 5:56 AM
Bonjour ... This double promo album exists also with an editor sleeve "El Virrey" ... Regards.
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Kiss me kiss me kiss me (issued 1987). Fold out promo picture sleeve. Promo stamped labels.
Kiss me kiss me kiss me (Promo) 12"x2  Peru El Virrey (picture sleeve) 300-600€ 2
Worth noting...  
By webmaster Jan, 18 11:59 PM
The mastering of CD2 is 2018, not 2017. Also note it says 1981 instead of 1982. Great items, sukiac. Thank you for sending them
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Mixed up (issued 2018). Mastering Mixed Up CD2 (1982-1990) for Universal, Feb 13, 2018. Note the mistake "1981-1990". CDR for reference purposes only. - Thanks to sukiac
Mixed up (Test acetate) CD-R  United Kingdom Metropolis (CD2) 600-1200€ 1
New images  
By webmaster Sep, 5 2008 5:57 PM
A different copy with generic "Disc made in Germany" sticker on back and "Special price" sticker on front.

    sukiac (9) Jan, 15 5:43 PM
    Bonjour ...Instead of "Special Price" this cd exists with a yellow round sticker "Tower Import" (send scan) ... Regards
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Blue Sunshine (issued 2000). Matrix says "Made in Germany by Universal M & L". - Thanks to rafacure
The Glove · Blue Sunshine CD LP Germany Universal 0-100€ 6

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