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By Rod x (auto) (523) Oct, 22 1:02 AM (15h 3m ago)
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The head on the door (issued 1985). "LP POL 281..." Polydor yellow sticker. German Metronome sleeve with French sticker on front. - Thanks to Rod x
The head on the door 12"  France Polydor (import sticker) 0-100€ 4
By Gianlu (1) Jul, 18 2017 11:04 PM
First copies had the sticker?

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    sukiac (5) Oct, 21 3:31 AM
    Bonjour ... Never seen. Regards.
    Gianlu (1) Oct, 17 4:53 PM
    yes, an old collector told me that first press had a sticker, like wish and show, but sincerly i have doubts.
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Entreat (issued 1991). Shrink wrapped card package.
Entreat CD  Japan Polydor 0-100€ 50
#5293 has the typical German grey label but Made in Holland with Holland also on back of jacket  
By Pheel242 (0) Oct, 16 6:04 AM
Yet this one, #0200, for me arrived in the German jacket with references to Metronome (which is probably the issue here on site shown as #0271 ). Can anyone else please check their copy - does your jacket reference Netherlands or Germany for this issue? For mine, the catalog # 817-470-1 ME is found both on the printed inner sleeve and back of jacket (along with barcode in upper right corner). I'm trying to verify whether my record was placed into a German-issue sleeve and jacket, or if it was originally issued in this way. Thanks for your help, fellow collectors.

    sukiac (5) Oct, 21 3:11 AM
    Bonjour ... I have this pressing: matrix 817 470 - 1 S 1 320 11/817 470 - 1 S 2 320 12 ... On the gray label "Fiction Records" face-1 "Gema" "Made In Holland" ... on the label face-2 "Gema" ... it misses "Made In Holland" ... it is added in the credit "Made In Germany By Metronome Musik GMBH" ... Printed on inner "817470-1 ME" .. on the back of the sleeve "817 470-1" "Marketed By Polydor BV" "Printed In Holland" ... No barcode ... Regards
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Japanese whispers (issued 1983). Red Polydor label.
Japanese whispers 12"  Netherlands Polydor (red label) 0-100€ 15
'let's go to bed' playing time 7:40  
By drsmith (15) Jan, 20 2009 10:05 AM
the only issue pictured or time displayed on label to have time for 'lets go to bed' 7:40, does this actually play at this length, also surprised to see the varing differences in track lengths from various countries, sweet dreams

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    sukiac (5) Oct, 21 2:35 AM
    Bonjour ... I have 2 different pressings ... on the LP with the gray labels "Gema" "Made In Holland" the timing is printed 3:32 ... on the other with the yellow/ red/ white labels (similar "Boys Don't Cry ") "Stemra" "Made In Holland" the timing is 7:40 ... I notice that the engravings of the tracks are identical on these 2 albums and that the timing of the A1 is almost similar to the other titles of a duration of 3 to 4 minutes ... Regards.
    ebiasi (3) Oct, 17 12:23 AM
    Great find Pheel242! love anomalies like these. when I get time to check again, i'm sure the Dutch (or whichever release uses the standard version of JOK) pressings of The Walk EP use a weird 7" version from the 12" mix of Just One Kiss. Will report back on my findings.....
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Japanese whispers (issued 1983). Red Polydor label.
Japanese whispers 12"  Netherlands Polydor (red label) 0-100€ 15
40 Live Curaetion 25 + Anniversary Deluxe  
By alovetocure (20) Oct, 21 12:07 AM Version..Disc made in Mexico ... Is this the same for all US versions? Best regards

    alovetocure (20) Oct, 21 12:57 AM
    I'm looking forward to the europe versions curious. Will there be a Japan version?
    jchristophem (171) Oct, 21 12:45 AM
    i believe so yes
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track lengths!  
By ebiasi (3) Oct, 17 2:13 AM
look at this one! Just One Kiss (3.02) and The Dream (7.18) these weird track timings along with the Dutch pressing (and maybe others?) that states 'extended' version of Just One Kiss (when in actual fact its the shorter/standard version) make figuring out all these (and how many other?) misprints/variations a real challenge. I think we need a spreadsheet!
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The walk (issued 1983). 6 tracks. - Thanks to drsmith
The walk 12" Mini-LP New Zealand Sire 0-100€ 7
They shortened The Final Sound!  
By ebiasi (3) Sep, 15 3:21 AM
As if the track could be any shorter, Stunn (I assume) cut a few seconds off the end of A Final Sound as it goes into A Forest - odd thing to do. Any one know of other pressings that do this?

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    Fabien G (3) Oct, 15 7:04 PM
    Ah.... stupid people...
    ebiasi (3) Oct, 12 2:25 PM
    Yep - it is just where the tape runs out sound. You know the story of this track. Apparently they were playing a long improvisation but the tape ran out before they were aware so this is all that remains (the standard version with the drop out ending) I guess Stunn thought it sounded too weird (or like a fault) so they must have trimmed the last few seconds so the track blends into a forest without that drop out sound.
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Seventeen seconds (issued 1981). Note "Stun" instead of "Stunn". - Thanks to orbinski
Seventeen seconds 12"  New Zealand EMI 122.50€ 13