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Bloodfloers ebay reissue not original!!  
By curemember (68) Mar, 4 7:33 PM

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    curemember (68) Mar, 18 6:56 PM
    More reissues on ebay, both Bloodflowers and Galore, from a German seller
    curemember (68) Mar, 16 4:41 AM
    easyme, if you have the original, you can easily compare the backside of the cover with this fake/reissue. Check the song titles on the backside and you will see the difference if you look very Close. You can also check for more info, both original and reissues.
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Selling Collection...??  
By Creightonus (0) Mar, 18 5:31 AM
Hi there, I have been collecting many years & I am contemplating selling off many items, does anybody have opinions on the best way to sell (Faebook, EvilBAy, here, Cure community other suggestions?? It seems EvilBay has best exposure but the prices and risk are sooo high! Many Thanks for any ideas Creightonus

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    Creightonus (0) Mar, 18 6:24 AM
    EvilBay name is cpeet
    Creightonus (0) Mar, 18 6:23 AM
    I have been Listing on EvilBay piece-meal, I am starting to compile a sell list and will share when done, but realistically it will take a few days...
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By jchristophem (181) Jan, 16 2010 8:46 PM
For some personal reason, this is a record very close to my heart, so i am very happy to see it appear on the site..I know you work really hard at it Mr Webmaster, but there are a lot of items with "Pictures soon available" which deserve to be seen, even if, like this one they are fairly common...Brings me back to early collecting days and the excitement of finding a newly released promo record..

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    caroleDM (0) Mar, 15 5:36 AM
    Sometimes life is fun. I think it was me who bought the 7" A Foret :)
    GCS1 (8) Jan, 20 2010 7:57 PM
    from the early to the late 80s i travelled nearly every summer from austria to england and spent most of my money on records. i even had to buy a new bag to carry them back home. every time i came to the customs my knees got a bit week because autria was not in the ec at that time. poor me. i really thought they were looking for vinyl smugglers;-)
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Album sampler (issued 1987). 4 tracks from the "Kiss me..." album. Custom sleeve housed in a promo only Kiss me folder. - Thanks to zakiaaa
Album sampler (Promo only) 12" Sampler United Kingdom Fiction (+ folder) 516.88€ 51

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