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Please elaborate on this item Replied within the last 24h 
By Pheel242 (1) Jan, 19 2016 4:47 AM
Hello, would you please explain the purpose behind this item - its story, how you came into its possession? Ive never heard of it, so Im curious. What was it used to promote? How many copies exist? Is the quality of the audio and video good? Is it pro shot? Thank you for sharing.

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    Pheel242 (1) Dec, 7 1:58 PM (7h 45m ago)
    Couple of friendly fellas on here :) Hi guys!
    Fabien G (5) Dec, 7 4:42 AM (17h 2m ago)
    Is it the full concert?
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Live at the Kilburn National (issued 1992). TeleCine sticker on spine with handwritten titles. London concert date May 3th.
Live at the Kilburn National (Promo only) VHS-PAL Radio/TV broadcast United Kingdom TeleCine 200-300€ 1
Content Posted within the last 24h 
By Fabien G (5) Dec, 7 4:37 AM (17h 7m ago)
Hello, Could you please detail its content? Thanks
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Wish EPK (issued 1992). Ferret & Spanner cardsleeve. Sticker states "Polydor Video/Marketing...The Cure 'Wish' EPK 15/04/92". - Thanks to jchristophem
Wish EPK (Promo only) VHS-PAL EPK United Kingdom Polydor 100-200€ 4
no promo  
By BETO (6) Feb, 5 2012 6:45 PM
my copy is not promo. just the box set, same catalogue number

    happytheman (8) Dec, 5 10:46 AM
    Same here. Non promo copy. Just a question: Why do you say only 100 copies? By the way, beautiful item.
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Greatest hits (issued 2003). Only 100 copies. Promo titles on disc.
Greatest hits (Promo) CDx2+DVD  Argentina Universal (box) 200-300€ 5
1986 instead of 1983  
By rafacure (537) Dec, 6 2:52 AM
take a look at the label: Dep. Legal M.24.026-1986 By the way i had got the vhs release, missing in the site scans asap

    webmaster Jun, 13 5:57 PM
    Correction made. Thanks
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Nocturne (issued 1986).
Siouxsie & The Banshees · Nocturne Beta-Pal LP Spain PolyGram 200-300€ 1