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By tsao (0) Jun, 18 2:49 PM
Great to see it on the inside!

    vandeebgroup (72) Jun, 20 9:25 AM
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Wish (issued 1992).  - Thanks to eyerawk
Wish DCC  Japan Polydor 300-600€ 1
Electric orange  
By webmaster Jun, 17 9:43 PM
While the front cover is different to all "For the masses" releases so far (see picture), the rest of it (back cover, spine and disc) are 100% electric orange like all releases, and not pink as shown here. Apparently our scanner cannot read this kind of electric orange and brings out a pink finish instead :/
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Various artists for the Masses (issued 1998). Depeche Mode tribute album with track "World in my eyes". Different cover. - Thanks to zakiaaa
V.A. · Various artists for the Masses CD LP Australia 1500 Records (w/ "World in my eyes") 0-100€ 1
First issue ?  
By paneuropean (32) Dec, 22 2011 10:00 AM
I've just read an old french musical magazine from novembre 1985 and this one is reproduced, so I think this is the real first issue... Later in the magazine, there's a list of quite They also said that at his time the only others 3 cd's available are concert, seventeen & the top.

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    papesso (0) Jun, 17 12:33 AM
    papesso (0) Jun, 17 12:32 AM
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The head on the door (issued 1985). Silver disc. - Thanks to rafacure
The head on the door CD  Germany Metronome (silver disc) 0-100€ 6