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By steveetorch (4) Jan, 23 12:31 AM (7h 54m ago)
doesnt the pic seem a bit anachronistic to anyone else fr a supposedly 87 release?
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Quando l'amore se ne va / Catch (issued 1987). Fold out picture sleeve with strip. - Thanks to eyerawk
Quando l'amore se ne va / Catch (Promo) 7" Single Italy PolyGram (+ strip) 200-300€ 3
Wonderful Item!  
By curemember (61) Jan, 20 7:53 PM
Thanks for sharing

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    webmaster Jan, 22 1:29 AM
    You're welcome, Zack.
    vandeebgroup (72) Jan, 21 11:16 AM
    Wow! Thanks for sharing (and to webmaster + everyone for so many recent updates).
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I'm a cult hero / I dig you (issued 1979).
Cult Hero · I'm a cult hero / I dig you (Test acetate) 7" Single United Kingdom Strawberry Out of market 1
By jchristophem (171) Jan, 21 3:37 AM
Not too shabby!!

    happytheman (8) Jan, 21 11:48 PM
    curemember (61) Jan, 21 5:11 PM
    Wow, very nice:)
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The top (issued 1984). Paper label with red vap label stating "sample". - Thanks to
The top (In-house) Cassette  Japan Vap Out of market 1
Confusing but interesting  
By jchristophem (171) Jan, 17 3:41 PM
Printed in the eu, Made in USA,Under eclusive license to Mure Record Ltd... can you explain the Clombian provenance on this?

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    zakiaaa (237) Jan, 18 5:28 AM
    jchristophem (171) Jan, 18 4:10 AM
    Cool thank you zakiaa, i was not quering the provenance but since there is no mention of Colombia i was wondering how you got to that. Thank you!
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Staring at the sea · The singles (issued 2006).  - Thanks to zakiaaa
Staring at the sea · The singles CD  Colombia (label unknown) (mispressed) 200-300€ 1
I think this is a bootleg  
By rafacure (495) Jan, 12 6:43 AM
Hi. I have this cd too. Firstable i do not understand why it is classified as an UK release if the cd states : PRINTED IN USA. Then, i have serious doubts about its authenticity. These cds were sold by the same seller from Mexico. Strange that one only person sells several copies of an USA release from Mexico. It exits the genuine promo from the USA.

    webmaster Jan, 18 1:30 AM
    Correction made, thanks rafacure. Maybe we should class it as non-official, mmm... However the sealed copy and the inner sheet, they look so legit, unlike most -if not all- bootleg CD promos coming from Mexico or anywhere.
    rafacure (495) Jan, 14 6:29 AM
    Does anyone have this cd too? I was taking a look at mine and the sleeve is exactly the same, however there are differences in the text printed on the cd. In my copy reads Cd-r instead of CD. My copy is number 17/100 and appears a japanese name and Japan written above the 17/100...
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It never was the same, There's a girl in the corner (Robert Smith version) (issued 2015). Includes Robert Smith's cover of This Twilight Sad, "There's a girl in the corner".
The Twilight Sad · It never was the same, There's a girl in the corner (Robert Smith version) (Promo only) CD Single United States Fat Cat 0-100€ 3
By vandeebgroup (72) Jan, 17 12:49 PM
Any idea what a book like this would have been used for? Sales samples? I don't think I've seen anything like it before. Is the book a generic store-bought item? Or something custom?

    tsao (0) Jan, 18 1:26 AM
    I don't see any custom. It looks like a generic book to me, a very East Germany book indeed. I thought of it as the label library storage, but why not, it could have also been used by sales representatives, I suppose.
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Amiga Quartett Box (issued 1987). Includes the Amiga Quartett single with "+" on label.
V.A. · Amiga Quartett Box (In-house) 7"x20 EP East Germany Amiga 200-300€ 1
By thekremlin (1) Jan, 15 10:55 PM
Who da thunk it?

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    vandeebgroup (72) Jan, 17 12:45 PM
    Cool! I've always wanted one of these...
    thekremlin (1) Jan, 15 10:56 PM
    And again...
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