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UK vs Europe pressing?  
By vandeebgroup (72) Oct, 31 2012 2:15 AM
I have two different versions of this 2LP, and finally checked them against Discogs. I knew something was up because one copy has a glossy photo on the jacket with matte coating everywhere else, and the other has a matte photo with gloss coating everywhere else. Discogs has one listed as "UK" ( and another as "Europe" ( They don't mention the coating differences in the jacket, but they do have different matrix markings which match what I have in my two copies. Their "UK" variant has A-side matrix of "DFI 93 9 521 057 A" (my matching jacket has a gloss front photo). Their "Europe" variant has A-side matrix of "521 057-1-A" (my matching jacket has a matte front photo). Anyone have any insight here? Seems to me that there should definitely be two different listings here on the site, but I'm not sure if these were for two different markets, or just two different pressings with a packaging variation.

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    curemember (62) Nov, 22 11:57 PM
    From Discogs site Uk issue in wide spined, spot-varnished picture-sleeve. Two printed inner sleeves. The spot-varnish is reversed by contrast with the otherwise very similar European edition.
    curemember (62) Nov, 22 11:53 PM
    YouÂ've right vandee:) My copy the uk-version with promo sticker have a glossy photo with matrix DFI 93 9 521 057 A, and I have also the Europe version with "521 057-1-A with matte photo.
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