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With Universal logo  
By Rod x (525) Oct, 1 2018 3:41 AM
I just received this CD with same matrix plus Universal logos. Do you think it is a different release ? Tx. Rod x

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    sukiac (9) Feb, 26 11:56 PM
    Clarification: I classify it in U.K. in MY file.
    sukiac (9) Feb, 26 11:47 PM
    Bonjour Rodx ... I have the same matrix# as the one you described above (05 *) ... With 'MCPS' on front label, I classify it in UK ... Regards.
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Concert (issued 2006). Black disc "Made in W. Germany". Matrix says "Made in Germany by EDC" and "00422  823 682-2  04 # 50968018".
Concert CD  Germany PolyGram (black back & disc, "by EDC") 0-100€ 13
Cure Promo  
By alovetocure (20) Feb, 25 1:03 AM
Very strange ... Before.. has ended auctions.. believe.

    Gianlu (1) Feb, 25 3:12 PM
    another one this morning. very strange, same seller
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"Front sticker from London Week end Television".  
By sukiac (9) May, 31 2013 2:20 PM
Explain to me ... I do not understand the importance of this sticker in a collection ... if it's important ... it must be established a form for himself alone ... otherwise, put an additional picture for this information ... so as to be able indicate that the one that we have is complete without this sticker!

    ebiasi (3) Feb, 24 10:34 PM
    I've got many records (non Cure artists) with this sticker (I used to work for LWT. I pick these ex LWT records up quite frequently. There would have been a couple of copies in the LWT library but this is just that, a company specific copy. I think this entry should just be for the Gold Promo stamp copy, the sticker doesn't make this item any rarer in my opinion.
    jchristophem (171) Jun, 2 2013 3:29 PM
    It's only because i bung the webmaster 10 euros for my record to appear on the site :)
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Blue sunshine (issued 1983). Gold stamp "Promotional copy not for resale", and front sticker from London Week end Television". - Thanks to jchristophem
The Glove · Blue sunshine (Promo) 12" LP United Kingdom Wonderland (1983) 0-100€ 3
We've made 2 in 1  
By webmaster Jan, 19 7:34 PM
As most of you pointed out, it seems like there were no two different samplers, but just one item housing the inlay AND the folder. Collectors who have item 3060 in their collections, beware this item will be removed from the site soon. We are glad to include the extra sheets sent by Cure1980. It's taken ages, Darren, sorry about that. And thanks so much for scanning them all. It's a great piece of info and a pleasure to read.

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    Cure1980 (77) Feb, 24 3:00 AM
    No problem. Thanks for posting. A lovely item.
    alovetocure (20) Jan, 19 8:57 PM
    I love the accessories from all publications ... Thx
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The Top sampler (Birmad Girl / Shake dog shake / The bananafishbones) (issued 1984). One-sided 33 rpm 3-track sampler including "Birdmad girl", "Shake dog shake" & "The bananafishbones". Issued in a plain sleeve with sticker. Housed in a fold-out sleeve containing a picture photo-quality inlay of "The top" with art differing slightly from the album cover, and a b&w promo folder. The record sleeve can be found either with plain white or black sleeve. - Thanks to Cure1980
The Top sampler (Birmad Girl / Shake dog shake / The bananafishbones) (Promo only) 12" Sampler United Kingdom Polydor (+ sheets) Out of market 6
By sukiac (9) Feb, 22 8:23 AM
Bonjour ... Exists with on front a dark-red/gray paper promo sticker, white text 'Hardbeat Propaganda' 'For Promtion Only' ... no sticker on back ... Regards.

    sukiac (9) Feb, 24 2:23 AM
    Bonjour Webmaster ... I sent 6-scans of this Promo ... Sticker dark-red/gray on front ... Matrix# 50997654/9410067124 01 SonoPress(logo) IFPI LB 46 IFPI 0773 ... Regards.
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Da hype (issued 2004). Cardsleeve. 2 tracks.
Junior Jack · Da hype CD Single Belgium PIAS (w/ R.Smith) 0-100€ 6
By sukiac (9) Oct, 17 2017 9:34 PM
Bonjour ... Inside an insert for 'TrustIt' album issue + Tour dates on front and 'Defected In the House' on back ... BC on back slv (???) ... Regards.

    sukiac (9) Feb, 23 11:30 PM
    Bonjour Webmaster ... I sent 2-scans of the insert ... Regards.
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Da hype (issued 2004). Cardsleeve. 4 tracks. Includes Robert Smith's vocals and a video. - Thanks to Rod x
Junior Jack · Da hype (Promo) CD/CD-Rom Maxi-single United Kingdom Defected (4 tracks, w/ R.Smith) 0-100€ 17
17 Seconds vap  
By alovetocure (20) Feb, 23 4:48 PM
a very small price ...

    alovetocure (20) Feb, 23 9:35 PM
    You can get lucky sometimes.
    curemember (61) Feb, 23 6:19 PM
    Yes, i got it very cheap. My best purchase for a long time:)
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Seventeen seconds (issued 1983).  - Thanks to Steve
Seventeen seconds Cassette  Japan Vap 600-1200€ 1
By webmaster Feb, 9 2:11 AM
Dear Friend, Thank you. Thank you for your support of THE CURE. "The head on the door" is with no doubt the album of the year, the LP that THE CURE needed. After many years of work the British quintet has managed to be up on all the lists. Now we have the third single. It has not been easy to get it. Spain has been the only country where a third single has been possible. On the other hand it was inevitable. A song like "The blood", with such marked nuances and Hispanic influences could not be let go. The idea and cover design is original from Nacho Scola, a great expert in THE CURE. I trust that with "The blood" you will continue to make this LP a triumph in all aspects. The presentation date is March 11, and I take this opportunity to inform you that in April we will launch the first three unpublished LPs in Spain. No doubt it's great news for all THE CURE fans. The titles are: "Boys don't cry" "Seventeen seconds" "Three imaginary boys" Sincerely, Carlos Ituño

    ebiasi (3) Feb, 22 8:07 PM
    thanks for the share and translation - but if the record and cover are identical to the other The Blood single entry and the 'only' difference is this (very nice insert/letter) this isn't a new record/entry in my opinion but a variation of this promo single with unique insert. thoughts?
    webmaster Feb, 9 5:27 PM
    Apologies, thenorwegia. It's embarrassing. I came across you emails from 2013 just now.
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The blood / Six different ways (issued 1986). Signed press promo insert. - Thanks to thenorwegia
The blood / Six different ways (Promo only) 7" Single Spain Polydor (+ signed insert) 600-1200€ 1

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