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By rabot (0) Feb, 11 2013 12:47 PM
Found a promo press kit a few years ago in a record store, coming in an A&M "publicity"enveloppe(21x30cm) with "THE CURE" printed on it and including b&w promo A&M picture of the band and biography. Think it was included with some copies of the album. Unfortunately, I don't own the LP and don't have anything to scan it.

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    max1334 (11) Jan, 21 6:21 AM (2h 36m ago)
    My copy is dark grey translucent
    rabot (0) Feb, 15 2013 8:35 AM
    Did you find it with the LP or separetely ?
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Pornography (issued 1982). Gold promo titles on backsleeve. Titles on front sleeve are bigger than in standard edition.
Pornography (Promo) 12"  United States A&M 0-100€ 11
New picture  
By webmaster Jan, 17 6:57 PM
Sticker added. Thank you faithhealer3

    faithhealer3 (10) Jan, 18 3:04 AM
    You're welcome. Thank you!
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A letter to Elise (issued 1992). Cardsleeve. Front sticker. - Thanks to faithhealer3
A letter to Elise Cassette Single France Polydor 0-100€ 11
Standing on the beach radio sport  
By jeanphi (0) Jan, 8 9:33 PM
Mine should be soon on eBay. ;-)

    jeanphi (0) Jan, 17 2:53 AM
    Too many messages... So finally on eBay:
    jeanphi (0) Jan, 10 11:14 PM
    It won't be on eBay. I think I will finally sold it via FB collectors pages.
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Standing on a beach radio spot (issued 1986). Radio spot announcing "Standing on a beach" release by Elektra. Cue-sheet with script and description. The music features cuts of "Let's go to bed", "In-between days" and "The lovecats". Date on cue-sheets reads June 25, 1986. - Thanks to john77
Standing on a beach radio spot (Master) Reel-to-reel Radio/TV broadcast United States Atlantic 600-1200€ 3
By sukiac (10) Aug, 13 2018 8:17 PM
Bonjour ... For a better understanding to be established ... and that the collector can count everything he has ... I would like to relaunch the debate on special official records ... -promos or commercial- or with addition (s) ... always official of course ... Why in the description of this Japanese draw there are only two singles? ... For me there were two promos distributed and sent more a commercial for sale ... 1) The promo with the "mythical" folder printed 100 copies !!! -I find this number incredible considering its rarity so far ... or the folder has been misplaced, thrown or destroyed in a dementia crisis to keep only the single !!! (it's a joke) ... 2) The promo WITHOUT the folder (several hundred I suppose since it is not rare) ... Collectors with the promo distributed without folder will be able to estimate its value and its rarity (stars) as for the other two ... So far the accounts are skewed ... In your answer, I would like to know your point of view ... Regards.

    jchristophem (171) Jan, 14 11:09 PM
    @Sukiac: just to clarify you think there would have been less than 100 folders? How many in your opinion... jsy curious. Does anyone know for certain? Thanks.
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In-between days / The exploding boy (issued 1985). Promo white label with promo folder. 100 copies approx.
In-between days / The exploding boy (Promo) 7" Single Japan Vap (+ folder) 1320.00€ 18