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MATRIX# COMPARISON Replied within the last 24h 
By sukiac (9) Nov, 23 2017 9:31 AM
Register yours to know if there are several edition and draw and maybe a fake !!! CIFCD 3 01 DISCTRONICS S ... CIFCD 3 01 DISCTRONICS S ...

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    Wishcure (11) Apr, 4 3:46 AM (18h 23m ago)
    My copy: same as vandeebgroup one, "DISCTRONICS" and "S CIFCD 3 01"
    ebiasi (3) Apr, 1 2:09 AM
    My copy has same matrix as below
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Stranger than fiction (issued 1989). With tracks "I dig you" and "To the sky".
V.A. · Stranger than fiction (Promo only) CD LP United Kingdom Fiction 111.00€ 44
EU pressing 865 565-1b  
By ebiasi (3) Apr, 2 6:07 PM
With regards to the EU entry for High. On the label below play the EU pressing has 865 565-1b
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High (issued 1992).
High 12" Maxi-single United Kingdom Fiction (black vinyl, 865 565-1) 0-100€ 35
Wish CD LP from France  
By LUPO74 (2) Feb, 11 2013 11:19 AM
hi everyone i remember when i bought my CD at LA fNAC(frenc store)in 92,it was offer to me a broach(wish bird)in a very few limited number.It measure 6cmx7cm.I find a french advert on sale from Ebay who talk about that(down left corner). here's the can send some scan if someone interested thanks

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    rabot (0) Apr, 1 8:03 PM
    The one offered in fnac stores could also be won on french minitel site 3615 cure. It is stronger and heavier than the one sold on tour and, as previously said not painted. They also made shaped pins like the Wish era Cure logo, and Mixed up era The Cure logo.
    alovetocure (20) Mar, 31 3:19 AM
    Maybe you know something about the Bourges Invitation cards
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Wish (issued 1992). Front sticker in french.
Wish CD  France Fiction 0-100€ 21
Made in Germany by Universal M & L  
By ebiasi (3) Apr, 1 1:42 AM
I have a copy identical to this but matrix reads made in Germany by Universal M & L so would be one of the remastered set then?
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Wish (issued 1992). Small clear ring. Backsleeve says "POL 833". Spine read downwards. Disc says "513 261-2 fixcd 20" and "POL 833 BIEM MCPS". - Thanks to rafacure
Wish CD  Germany Polydor (POL 833, small clear ring) 0-100€ 11
Note cd 1 on the disc  
By ebiasi (3) Apr, 1 12:20 AM
Looks like they used the same artwork from the deluxe edition and kept the CD1 - The Original Album on the artwork though of course there is no CD2 in this edition
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The head on the door (issued 2006). Small white front sticker.
The head on the door CD  European Union Universal (remastered) 0-100€ 21
Made in W Germany PDO  
By ebiasi (3) Mar, 31 11:40 PM
As title says there is a PDO press from W Germany also
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Nocturne (issued 1989). Matrix reads "Made in Germany by PMDC". - Thanks to rafacure
Siouxsie & The Banshees · Nocturne CD LP Germany Polydor ("Germany by PMDC") 0-100€ 7
Bourges Card  
By alovetocure (20) Mar, 29 4:57 AM
does anyone know anything about it?
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