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Year Issued incorrect  
By Katerine (0) Sep, 14 4:04 AM
This french tape cannot have been issued in 1981. The phone number has 8 digits. Having a French phone number with 8 digits means that this version dates between 28/10/185 (6 or 7 numbers for french phone number until that day ) and 18/10/1996 (when French phone numbers started to have 10 digits).
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Faith / Carnage visors (issued 1981). "Imp. Morault - Rouen" on back sleeve. "DOUBLE DUREE" titled in black corner band. Catalogue "POL 570" on spine. Red paper label. - Thanks to max1334
Faith / Carnage visors Cassette  France Polydor (POL 556, Imp. Morault) 0-100€ 0
different matrix  
By Rod x (538) Sep, 13 2:44 PM
Hi! Exists with different matrix. "2 60786-2 SRC=04 M1S16" and "2 60786-2 SRC-03" I have both. Cheers
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Boys don't cry (issued 1988). From the US longbox.
Boys don't cry CD  United States Elektra 0-100€ 25