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MISTAKE ON EDITOR NAME Replied within the last 24h 
By sukiac (2) Jul, 8 2015 7:52 PM
Bonjour ... I read on left of the label-1 under "DATE" ... "ACC'T EleKTRA" ... on the label-2 ... "ACC'T EleKRA" ... An error in the facsimile handwriting !!! ... And other test-pressings SRC exists too with some difference in the 'manual scripture !!! Look for the error ... Regards.

    sukiac (2) Sep, 19 7:56 AM (12h 26m ago)
    For to know, it would a verification from each collector ... For exemple, there are also small differences of form in the font characters ... as a capital 'A' pointed or rounded ... Good research!.
    ebiasi (3) Sep, 15 3:50 PM
    Just checked my copy. Has Elektra written on both sides correctly. How many other copies are there on here of each version, correct/misspelled?
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Lovesong / Lovesong (issued 1989).  - Thanks to ztef93
Lovesong / Lovesong (Promo test pressing) 12" Single United States Specialty (a/a) 40.25€ 23
Now on sale/trade Posted within the last 24h 
By eyerawk (auto) (26) Sep, 19 4:51 AM (15h 31m ago)
This item is now available on the Trade section by eyerawk. No price set yet.
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Friday I'm in love (performance version) (issued 1992). Performance version. - Thanks to
Friday I'm in love (performance version) (Promo) VHS-NTSC Single United States Elektra 0-100€ 2
IFPI Posted within the last 24h 
By sukiac (2) Sep, 18 11:12 PM (21h 10m ago)
Bonjour ... This UK Promo has been used in différent country (incl. Spain) with the IFPI code: L132 / 0451 ... but also exists in UK with another code: L132 / 0467 ... I think 1st and 2nd run ... maybe have you another? ... Regards.
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Gone! (radio mix) (issued 1996). 1-track CD in slimcase. No sleeve. Misspelt titles say "Promo omly not for resale". Made in UK by PDO.
Gone! (radio mix) (Promo) CD Single United Kingdom Fiction 0-100€ 27
who got it?  
By john77 (23) Sep, 18 1:52 AM

    jchristophem (171) Sep, 18 4:35 PM
    Gilles did.. he saidmthat on FB .. bargain, well done!!
    easyme (0) Sep, 18 4:25 PM
    Gilles any ideas ;)
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Thanks for this contribution  
By orbinski (47) Sep, 18 1:14 AM

    vandeebgroup (72) Sep, 18 8:48 AM
    Thanks for submitting, Salvatore! I love it!
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Primary / Primary (issued 1981). 2 sided with Primary. Unfinished version/not the final cut. From Chris  Parry collection. - Thanks to Salvatore
Primary / Primary (Test acetate) 7" Single United Kingdom Abbey Road Out of market 0
How many copies ??  
By easyme (0) Sep, 15 11:41 PM
Hi i'm really surprised not seeing this box for sale on ebay or other websites.. i saw the box once on ebay that's all and it was an empty one.. anybody knows how scarce is this box unnumbered/numbered?? thanks for info. regards. Tony

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    curemember (59) Sep, 18 1:20 AM
    i don't know really. i have already one offer, but you can sens me an email/Lasse
    easyme (0) Sep, 17 10:42 PM
    i'm really interested in this empty box...
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Limited edition CD box (issued 1992). Sticker on bottom of box reads barcdode and catalogue number 5136000. Box contains full 15 albums. // Matrix inscriptions found in a certain copy are: Three imaginary boys 828 686-2 01 % YC MADE IN GERMANY, Boys don't cry 815 011-2 02 # MADE IN W.GERMANY BY PDO, Seventeen seconds 825 354-2 02 * MADE IN GERMANY, Faith 827 687-2  02 #  (disc says "Made in UK"), Pornography 827 688-2 02 % MADE IN GERMANY, Japanese whispers 817 470-2 03 + MADE IN GERMANY, The top 821 136-2 01 # MADE IN GERMANY, Concert 823 682-2 02 # (disc says "Made in W. Germany"), The head on the door 827 231-2 03 * MADE IN GERMANY, Staring at the sea 829 239-2 04 # (picture CD with clear inner ring), Kiss me kiss me kiss me 832 130-2 04+ MADE IN GERMANY, Disintegration 839 353-2 01# YP  MADE IN GERMANY, Entreat FICCD 35 10113821 01 % MADE IN THE U.K. BY PDO, Mixed up 847 099 2 10133261 02 % MADE IN U.K. BY PDO, Wish 513 261 2 10183691 01 % MADE IN U.K. BY PDO.
Limited edition CD box CDx15 Set United Kingdom Fiction (box) 200-300€ 9
By sukiac (2) Sep, 15 6:08 PM
Bonjour ... Has been exported in UK ... I have with round sticker black/white, blue-frosted, text pink, black 'The HMV Shop' 'Import' ... Matrix #: 813 715 - 1 S1 320 1 020 P- 020 6 A-1 / 813 715 - (2 barred) 1 S2 320 1A 020 P- 0206 B-1(2 under 1) ... Regards.
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The walk (issued 1983). 4 tracks. Some copies were issued with promo folder. - Thanks to reidy
The walk 12" Maxi-single Germany Metronome (4 tracks) 0-100€ 29
By steveetorch (2) Sep, 14 8:25 AM
Why would a uk promo dvd be in american ntsc format not uk pal format? Any ideas?
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Festival 2005 (issued 2006). NTSC DVD-R issued in plastic wallet with paper sleeve. Date "25 october 2006" and "Compressed DVD" are printed on sleeve, along with Universal and Polydor logos.
Festival 2005 (Promo acetate) DVD-R  United Kingdom Universal 0-100€ 7
By sukiac (2) Sep, 11 11:28 PM
Bonjour ... For the first prints the cover is satin and black drawings are in brilliant ... creating a relief ... Other prints are satin only ... For the Spanish cover it's the reverse! ... Regards.

    sukiac (2) Sep, 13 10:47 PM
    Bonjour Vandeebgroup ... Yes they are beautiful and surprising achievements for a vinyl ... for all discophiles the covers printed in France are sought (supports, design, inks) ... worksl ordered by Uk, Germany, Holland ... Here are some of the most striking : Disintegration Fr Italia with strong cracks = Sat./Bri. ... Paris UK Fr Sp = Mat/Bri. ... Paris Eu = Bri./Mat ... Show UK (Fr) Sp = Mat/Bri. ... Show Eu = Bri./Mat ... The Top UK = Sat./Bri./Mat. ... The Top Fr = Sat. + Mat ... These differences are confirmed by the matrices ... Too bad that collectors can not have access to the site and thus bring directly info and photos ... Our Webmaster needs a helping hand to set up! ... Regards.
    vandeebgroup (72) Sep, 13 11:14 AM
    Hi Sukiac. Interesting. I have two copies of Show LPs and the satin (dull) and gloss areas change on both jacket and inner sleeves (look up comments on Show UK 2xLP for my comments). I had wondered if it was a territory difference, but thought it might be a random occurrence when they reprinted.
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Wish (issued 1992). Front sticker. Contains insert advertising other albums. Catalogue number on disc 2 (513 286-1) differs from the one on disc 1 (513 280-1). - Thanks to jchristophem
Wish 12"x2  United Kingdom Fiction 66.45€ 32
Specialty Test Pressings  
By jchristophem (171) Nov, 23 2010 3:34 PM
Does anyone have an idea of many of each are pressed(even roughly)?A couple of them sold on Ebay last night for silly money, and i am just wondering how "rare" they are...I know the Lovesong 2 and 4 tracks are quite common, but i had never seen a PYO one before...Just curious.Thanks.

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    sukiac (2) Sep, 12 11:47 PM
    I say between 6 and 20 euros maxi ... AR et SP are the promos from these test-pressings
    sukiac (2) Sep, 12 11:35 PM
    Bonjour ... Without wishing to disappoint you (why not? It's a joke!) at the beginning of the releases of these "Test-Pressing" it circulated everywhere that it was false pressings with labels 'facsimile' printed handwriting and not labels 'handwritten' as everywhere ... There existed a lot because it was common for sale and not very expensive between 6‚?¨ and 20‚?¨ maxi ... -Esprit and so many others in Europe and the USA offered regularly ... It was easier to find the 'SP' (East Coast) than the 'AR' (West Coast) but at that time few collectors and all beginners had not noticed the big difference ... Today I still do not know if it is authentic or false !!! Regards.
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Why can't I be you? (extended remix) / (no side) (issued 1987). Specialty Records label. - Thanks to jchristophem
Why can't I be you? (extended remix) / (no side) (Promo test pressing) 12" Single United States Specialty 100-200€ 3
By sukiac (2) Sep, 12 10:18 PM
Bonjour ... This same 12" promo also exists with a cut cover ... this can provide an answer to the discussions on the american covers "Cut Promo" or "Cut Prohibited Sale to Destroy" !!! Regards.
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Why can't I be you? (LP version) / Why can't I be you? (extended remix) (issued 1987). "Promo only not for sale" titles on sleeve. Issued in standard commercial sleeve.
Why can't I be you? (LP version) / Why can't I be you? (extended remix) (Promo) 12" Single United States Elektra (blue label) 0-100€ 18
By sukiac (2) Sep, 12 9:37 PM
Bonjour ... Exists with "stamp" small perforations 'Campione' 'Gratuito' (ie 'Sample Free') ... Regards.
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Why can't I be you? (issued 1987).
Why can't I be you? 12" Maxi-single Italy PolyGram 0-100€ 6
By sukiac (2) Sep, 12 9:26 PM
To Webmaster ... Bonjour ... Error in catalogue# above, reads '885 454-1' and no '888 454-1' ... Matrix#: POL 885454A2 MT410 (W barré) S505 / POL 885454B2 MT410 MS505 ... Regards.
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Why can't I be you? (issued 1987).
Why can't I be you? 12" Maxi-single Greece PolyGram 0-100€ 11
By sukiac (2) Sep, 12 8:18 PM
Bonjour ... Many copies were sold of origin without this sticker round black ... Exists with blue oval sticker Promo 'Vente Interdite' 'Echantillon Gratuit' without this sticker 'The Cure' ... Regards.
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Why can't I be you? (issued 1987). Picture label. Black "The Cure" sticker on front sleeve.
Why can't I be you? 12" Maxi-single France Polydor 0-100€ 25
By sukiac (2) Sep, 12 7:19 PM
Bonjour ... A call to your memory ... most copies of this 12" were originally sold without this sticker [this is also the case for the French 7 and 12"... Regards.
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Why can't I be you? (issued 1987). Removable sticker "The Cure Why can't I be you? FICSX 25" on front. Hard sleeve.
Why can't I be you? 12" Maxi-single United Kingdom Fiction (hard sleeve) 0-100€ 12
By sukiac (2) Sep, 12 7:02 PM
Bonjour ... This 12" promo has been widely distributed without this sticker ... then sold and resold ... and I never saw it except on the commercial edn !!! ... Regards.
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Why can't I be you? / A Japanese dream (issued 1987).  - Thanks to jchristophem
Why can't I be you? / A Japanese dream (Promo) 12" Single United Kingdom Fiction 0-100€ 21

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