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PROMO Replied within the last 24h 
By sukiac (2) Oct, 18 6:43 AM (20h 25m ago)
Bonjour ... Exists Promo 5-trk (4-first titles + 6th-title from the album) ... Plain case, no cover ... Pale-pink flower, orange text ... Matrix: 'RFD80M 78018 80 62' ... Regards.

    rafacure (474) Oct, 19 12:59 AM (2h 9m ago)
    hi sukiac. do you mean this one?:
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Disintegration (issued 1990). 5000 copies.
Disintegration CD  Yugoslavia RTB 0-100€ 3
ST-E-69537 A-AR Replied within the last 24h 
By jchristophem (171) Oct, 16 11:03 PM

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    jchristophem (171) Oct, 18 5:52 PM (9h 16m ago)
    Agreed, but the only LGTB/LGTB US promo listed here is referenced under ST-E 69537- A-SP... that's all.
    steveetorch (2) Oct, 18 4:36 PM (10h 32m ago)
    Aye john...but at 10times the normal price...a true one off
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FRANCE Posted within the last 24h 
By sukiac (2) Oct, 18 3:47 PM (11h 21m ago)
In France ... this article has been sold or distributed with, on front cover, a square white paper sticker ... logo red blue white 'RFM' ... blue text 'Le meilleur de la' 'musique' ... Scans available.
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Disintegration (issued 2010). Remastered deluxe. - Thanks to rafacure
Disintegration CDx3  European Union Universal (remast. deluxe) 0-100€ 40
PROMO Posted within the last 24h 
By sukiac (2) Oct, 18 3:21 PM (11h 47m ago)
Bonjour ... Exists Promo ... NO sticker on front, barcode barred with blue felt pencil ... Regards.
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Disintegration (issued 2010). Remastered deluxe. - Thanks to rafacure
Disintegration CDx3  European Union Universal (remast. deluxe) 0-100€ 40
US CDx3 cover sticker Replied within the last 24h 
By vandeebgroup (72) Jul, 7 2010 4:33 PM
Don't know if the submitted scans show this, but my USA copy has the "Disintegration" logo on the cover sticker very rough and pixelated, like it's on an Atari. There must have been a problem at the printer where the linked image was not included, and the layout program defaulted to a 72dpi preview version. It's only like this on the US version (mine anyways) Oops!

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    sukiac (2) Oct, 18 2:51 PM (12h 17m ago)
    Mine too ...
    max1334 (10) Nov, 26 2010 9:26 PM
    mine too
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Disintegration CDx3  United States Rhino (remast. deluxe) 0-100€ 20
By sukiac (2) Oct, 17 10:49 PM
Bonjour ... This cd 4-tk and the cd 2-tk (5510) have the same manufacture 'Sono Press' and the same Rights Society: 'Sabam/Biem (Belgium/International) ... I don't understand Why to put the 4-tk in Europe ? ... I think it should be listed in Belgium ... Regards.
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Da hype (issued 2004). Slimcase. 4 tracks. - Thanks to Rod x
Junior Jack · Da hype CD Maxi-single European Union PIAS (w/ R.Smith) 0-100€ 14
By sukiac (2) Oct, 17 9:34 PM
Bonjour ... Inside an insert for 'TrustIt' album issue + Tour dates on front and 'Defected In the House' on back ... BC on back slv (???) ... Regards.
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Da hype (issued 2004). Cardsleeve. 4 tracks. Includes Robert Smith's vocals and a video. - Thanks to Rod x
Junior Jack · Da hype (Promo) CD/CD-Rom Maxi-single United Kingdom Defected (4 tracks, w/ R.Smith) 0-100€ 18
By sukiac (2) Oct, 17 8:37 AM
Bonjour ... With its sticker 'Special Price', label 'Made in France by PMDC and matrix ring 'Made in France by Universal' ... this CD is french ... Regards.
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Concert (issued 1990). Black disc. CD is made in France by PMDC. - Thanks to Wishcure
Concert CD  France PolyGram (by PMDC) 0-100€ 13
Entreat 12" Spain  
By rafacure (474) Oct, 16 3:05 AM
Hi. I have 2 copies for sale of the scarce entreat spanish 12"lp (which pictures are still missing in the site). If someone is interested, please contact me. Thanks
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By sukiac (2) Oct, 16 12:42 AM
Bonjour ... This CD is incomplete ... because sold in the US and Canada with the disclaimer sticker referring to 'Killing an arab' (Butler-On Records p.70) ... Regards.
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Boys don't cry (issued 1986). "Elektra Records" on backsleeve. States 1979 everywhere.
Boys don't cry CD  Canada WEA (Elektra) 0-100€ 3
By sukiac (2) Oct, 15 11:16 PM
Bonjour ... Exists Promo with BC barred ... Sealed ... Regards.
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Blue Sunshine (issued 2006). Remastered deluxe. - Thanks to rafacure
The Glove · Blue Sunshine CDx2 LP United States Rhino 0-100€ 15
New images  
By webmaster Sep, 20 2008 6:36 PM
Original plastic wallet with insert.

    sukiac (2) Oct, 15 12:07 AM
    Bonjour ... Exists without insert ... All black characters are in bold type ... Regards.
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Bloodflowers (issued 2000). White disc. Plastic wallet with insert. Matrix reads "74 PM7472". - Thanks to evepet
Bloodflowers (Promo acetate) CD-R  France Universal (white disc) 200-300€ 3
How many copies exists?  
By curemember (59) Jul, 6 2016 5:08 PM
Hello, little curious how many copies exists of this promo-cd, so i wonder which number you have? I have number 64 and the highest number so far i have seen are number 390, so maybe 400-500 copies?

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    curemember (59) Oct, 14 11:48 PM
    number one is great:)
    sukiac (2) Oct, 14 10:40 PM
    I have too another #382 ... Regards
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Bestival Live 2011 (issued 2011). Numbered watermarked CD-R. Gatefold PVC sleeve with inserts. - Thanks to Rod x
Bestival Live 2011 (Promo acetate) CD-Rx2  United Kingdom Sunday Best 0-100€ 14
released version?  
By curllikecats (1) Apr, 26 2010 3:26 PM
how come the regular version of this is not listed on the website?

    easyme (0) Oct, 14 10:40 PM
    Hi Webmaster the regular boxset version is still not listed maybe you will have time soon i hope :) regards.
    jchristophem (171) Apr, 26 2010 5:18 PM
    A case of A work in progress I'm sure
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Downside up sampler (issued 2004). 12 tracks. Includes "Let go", the b-side to "Swimming horses". - Thanks to jchristophem
Siouxsie & The Banshees · Downside up sampler (Promo only) CD LP United Kingdom Universal ((SAMPLER), w/ "Let go" (R.Smith)) 0-100€ 4
New picture  
By webmaster Jul, 8 2008 8:54 AM
We've added the image of the matrix sent by Rod x

    sukiac (2) Oct, 14 10:11 PM
    Issued in 2003. Catalogue #WENXD221. Slimcase. 2 tracks. EU edition. [Without promo sticker on back.] Matrix says "Disctronics WENXD221 01" and "Made in the UK by Disctronics" ... Rod X says "I think it is a UK record instead of an European" and he is right this cds is UK ... Regards.
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Believe (issued 2003). Slimcase. 2 tracks. - Thanks to Rod x
Earl Slick · Believe CD Single European Union When! (w/ Robert Smith) 0-100€ 12
Question to Tsao and Tinderbox!!  
By curemember (59) Aug, 6 2013 7:31 PM
Is it the same Picture sleeve as uk pressing? /Lasse

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    faithhealer3 (0) Oct, 12 12:30 AM
    you're welcome! =)
    curemember (59) Oct, 11 7:05 PM
    thank you faithhealer:)
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Dazzle / I promise (issued 1984). Thin paper picture sleeve. - Thanks to tinderbox
Siouxsie & The Banshees · Dazzle / I promise 7" Single Ireland Polydor 100-200€ 4