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New member: sylphide (France) Posted within the last 24h 
By (auto) Oct, 20 3:22 PM (17h 36m ago)
Welcome! If you are a collector and find this place helpful in your collecting experience, we'd very much appreciate you helping us to learn more about new pressings, which in the end is what this is all about. We also look forward to reading your thoughts on the Forum. Thank you for joining.
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Pictures of you green 12"  
By john77 (23) Oct, 11 3:44 PM
Hi - anyone know how rare the version is with the title sticker on the back instead of the normal printed sleeve - I know there was a mess up on the printing of the sleeve hence the sticker but can not find the rough amount and there is not a version on here to check :) - thanks in advance

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    steveetorch (4) Oct, 20 6:05 AM
    do you mean .. its just the wrong info without the sticker ?.. or do you mean the ones youve seen have the correct print instead of the sticker?
    john77 (23) Oct, 14 2:20 AM
    all bar one I have ever seen do not have the sticker over the wrong remix :) - not that I have seen hundreds but about 20-30
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Very rare items on Ebay  
By john77 (23) Oct, 14 2:24 AM
Hi - I have listed some items on eBay for charity - items include a glovebox that is number 4 and was one of the ones given to the band - a no8 and no11 12" pictures of you - again from the band - A vintage Kissing tour shirt, and much more - please bid generously if you can as its ALL going to a good cause - everything can be shipped worldwide and of course I will combine shipping -

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    john77 (23) Oct, 18 3:50 PM
    Hi the records etc were given to a very close friend of Roberts which is where I got them from - the first few are given to the band which is why you never see very very low numbers in the shops etc - hope that OK but if you need any more info let me know
    Katerine (0) Oct, 17 6:31 PM
    Hi John77, would you be ok to share with us the story behind this number0008! :) how you got hold of it? Which band member had this record?
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Side 2 plays Shakespears sister  
By orbinski (48) Oct, 15 1:48 PM
Hi, found an odd one today. Side 2 plays Shakespears sister and has matrix beginning with 828 131 1. Pol 287 on back. Anyone else has this? Side 1,3 and 4 plays as expected.

    curemember (62) Oct, 16 3:59 AM
    Wow,,what a discovery:)
    orbinski (48) Oct, 15 1:51 PM
    Also, the little text below (C) FICTION RECORDS LIMITED 1987 has been printed over with a black bar.
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Kiss me kiss me kiss me (issued 1987). Front black sticker.
Kiss me kiss me kiss me 12"x2  Germany Metronome 0-100€ 30
Have this longbox completed with sticker!  
By curemember (62) Oct, 16 3:57 AM
Sticker says The Cure Specially Priced Extended Length Cassette featuring over 70 minutes of music including "Why canĀ't I Be you? Will you have scan of this webmaster?
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Kiss me kiss me kiss me (issued 1987). Longbox.
Kiss me kiss me kiss me Cassette  United States Elektra (longbox, tape) 600-1200€ 2

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