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Radio sampler
[Promo only] - CD United States Elektra 
Issued in 1987. Catalogue #2071-2.

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By sukiac (27) Nov, 18 2017 10:18 PM
Bonjour ... For me, really, it exists a fake ... When I bought this cd it was hard to find and expensive ... even at 'Esprit' UK and US ... its value was £150/200 minimum ... when suddenly we find it on Internet at an unthinkable price, often below 30? ... Subsequently we find it on many stands in small and big fairs and conventions of records ... double the price of the internet up to £120/150 ... even in serious merchants and in good faith ... Considering my presence on these places of sale, I had several 'true' and 'false' copies in my hands and I was able to make these comparisons many times ... It has already been mentioned some differences, here are some others ... The most glaring at first glance: 1) on the cd, under the logo on the left, the name 'Elektra' is just under or nested in the red ... 2) Black and red are completely separated ... The text engraved before the matrix number has a smaller font, it occupies half of the circle ... the original: half + 'Compagny' ... On the sticker in addition to rounding angles, there are no (slight) traces and scratches due to use ... With a magnifying glass it appears a 'chemical' reaction in black ink with red and white inks on the back side the paper is very white, the original has taken a slight tint and appears some 'greasy' traces of glue, all old stickers have more or less this reaction due to aging ... These differences are created voluntarily by counterfeiters because less punishable by law because NON-identical! This principle 'forger' is applied in all areas ... Cheks yours !!! Regards.

    sukiac (27) Nov, 23 2017 9:21 AM
    I dont know ... I never heard of it ... But it is possible ... To begin, it would be necessary to compare the matrix# of the cd in the possession of the members by writing it on the page of this cd ... for know if there is more than one edition and draw ... I'm going to put the matrix # of my copy: http://www.thecurerecords.com/... ... Regards.
    easyme (0) Nov, 21 2017 9:47 PM
    Does fake also exist for stranger than fiction ? it seems to be seen very often on the net and at low cost despite here it has one star (?) regards
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Radio sampler (issued 1987).  - Thanks to curemember
Radio sampler (Promo only) CD Sampler United States Elektra 100-200€ 41
Fake version with "split" Elektra logo  
By vandeebgroup (72) Mar, 3 2010 10:44 PM
I've heard about a counterfeit of this CD which can be identified by the Elektra logo on the disc (gap between the red and black in the circle logo). My copy has the split logo, and I assumed it was counterfeit. But when I scanned it to post to my site, I realized that the inner ring says exactly what this item says (MADE BY DISCOVERY SYSTEMS - AN AMERICAN COMPANY - 0R20100). Does anyone know more about this? Is it very easy to copy the inner ring info even if it is replicated somewhere else? I'm wondering if we know for sure that it is counterfeit, or maybe it was actually just a printing error?

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    outofmind (0) May, 3 2014 5:14 PM
    Discussion is rather old, but I'd like to add that there are two more differences with - what I think is a fake - version: the inner ring reads the same text, but: the original uses about 270 degrees for that text, the fake just slightly more than 180 degrees. And the sticker on front has differently rounded corners (more round on the original, hardly round on the fake). I would be very surprised if the fake turns out to be real.
    max1334 (12) Nov, 5 2011 2:15 AM
    vandeebgroup, you can be right. But the "found a box" story sometimes is real. And I have an example. There's an italian goth band, Carillon del Dolore. They have made a couple of demos, an album and a mini-lp in the early '80. The mini lp is very hard to find in mint condition, with insert etc, and you can find a copy of it for 50/70 euros on ebay etc. Well, I have played as bassist with them in the mini reunion tour/farewell a couple of years ago. And obviously, become good friend with them. And discovered that the singer have forgotten a box FULL of that mini lp in the basement for more than 25 years. In PRISTINE condition, as new. So, it can happens;) Salvatore, so I'm not the only one who remember that the 100years promo was sell in some dates of the 1982 tour, WITHOUT insert etc... Hope to make light on this topic one day...
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