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Jumping someone else's train / I'm cold
7" Italy Polydor 
Issued in 1979. Catalogue #2059 189. White border on back sleeve.

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Ink stamp on A side?  
By ebiasi (3) Apr, 18 2016 4:25 PM
Just got a copy of this and after comparing to the Italian Forest 7" I noticed the stamp around the S.I.A.E on the A side only. The quality of the stamps seem to differ i.e fainter on some pressings but any thoughts on the reason/purpose of the stamp? Perhaps for export or quality control?

    ebiasi (3) Apr, 20 2016 3:03 AM
    Max, thanks for a very comprehensive answer, cheers!
    max1334 (10) Apr, 19 2016 10:40 AM
    the stamp was a kind of "taxes payed from the record company in this item". it means it was an authorized and official record and not a bootleg or a fake. you can find those stamps on cassettes (on the spine) and records ( on labels) made in italy. then in the '90 the stamps disappears and were substitute by stickers. at first those were in white paper. later they were in a kind of alluminium/silver style.
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Jumping someone else's train / I'm cold (issued 1979). White border on back sleeve. - Thanks to Rod x
Jumping someone else's train / I'm cold 7" Single Italy Polydor 132.50€ 26
Page thanks to Rod x (526)

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