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Killing an arab / 10.15 saturday night
7" United Kingdom Small Wonder 
Issued in 1978. Catalogue #Small eleven. Backsleeve with "Small Wonder" titles read upwards.

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How many copies does exist of this one?  
By happytheman (8) Mar, 25 2011 9:58 PM
Does somebody know? I found this information: 1978 UK The CUre: "Killing An Arab" 7" SMALL 11 (Counterfeits exist. Original copies have matrix: "SMALL 11-A1 STRAWBERRY" AND "SMALL 11-B1 STRAWBERRY", while counterfeits have "SMALL 11-A STRAWBERRY" AND "SMALL 11-B STRAWBERRY". Also the picture sleeve on original copies have the flaps folded on the back and a round cut-out at the top where the record goes in and out. Picture sleeves of counterfeit copies omit both of these features). This is in this web: http://recordcollectorsofthewo...

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    happytheman (8) Nov, 7 2019 5:21 PM
    8 years ***after***
    happytheman (8) Nov, 7 2019 5:20 PM
    Ok, 8 years before my post i found my copy!!! I pay 50GBP for it on Discogs, and it's an original one! I'm really happy.
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Killing an arab / 10.15 saturday night (issued 1978). Backsleeve with "Small Wonder" titles read upwards.
Killing an arab / 10.15 saturday night 7" Single United Kingdom Small Wonder 68.01€ 68
This sleeve, Fiction record issue  
By ebiasi (3) Mar, 1 2018 1:32 AM
I have one and seen a few on eBay also. This Small Wonder sleeve with square notch and issued with a Fiction release of KKA. Is it possible that at the beginning of the Fiction run of the single the printers ran a few of the ‚??new‚?? square cut sleeve for Fiction but by mistake still had the Small Wonder details on the rear sleeve. I‚??m aware sleeves and records get mixed around but this could explain the square cut sleeve....and...why it ends up occasionally with a Fiction issue in side. Thoughts.....
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