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Faith / Carnage Visors
Cassette United Kingdom Fiction (1988, short sleeve)
Issued in 1988. Catalogue #FIXC 006. "2 for 1" red & black short sleeve. Squared label.

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box shape different  
By babblebhoy (0) Apr, 10 2012 3:57 PM
My box doesn't have the Polygram logo, and the back window is rectangular - doesn't have clipped corners. Likely a later issue, around 1990. Tape is black per small photo (not grey, per large photo).
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Faith / Carnage Visors (issued 1988). "2 for 1" red & black short sleeve. Squared label. - Thanks to easyjeje
Faith / Carnage Visors Cassette  United Kingdom Fiction (1988, short sleeve) 0-100€ 19
By jchristophem (176) Jul, 18 2008 10:39 PM
Hello Webmaster..Just realised my cpoy was different from both shown here..The colour of the tape is off white,but otherwise is identical to the black tape shown here on top..The grey tape at the bottom is interesting in the fact that the countdown timer is on top and it has a polygram logo...and i'm fast becoming an anorak!!!!
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