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Why can't I be you? (extended remix) / (no side)
[Promo test pressing] - 12" United States Specialty 
Issued in 1987. Catalogue #ST ED A3. Specialty Records label.

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Specialty Test Pressings  
By jchristophem (187) Nov, 23 2010 3:34 PM
Does anyone have an idea of many of each are pressed(even roughly)?A couple of them sold on Ebay last night for silly money, and i am just wondering how "rare" they are...I know the Lovesong 2 and 4 tracks are quite common, but i had never seen a PYO one before...Just curious.Thanks.

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    sukiac (30) Sep, 12 2017 11:47 PM
    I say between 6 and 20 euros maxi ... AR et SP are the promos from these test-pressings
    sukiac (30) Sep, 12 2017 11:35 PM
    Bonjour ... Without wishing to disappoint you (why not? It's a joke!) at the beginning of the releases of these "Test-Pressing" it circulated everywhere that it was false pressings with labels 'facsimile' printed handwriting and not labels 'handwritten' as everywhere ... There existed a lot because it was common for sale and not very expensive between 6? and 20? maxi ... -Esprit and so many others in Europe and the USA offered regularly ... It was easier to find the 'SP' (East Coast) than the 'AR' (West Coast) but at that time few collectors and all beginners had not noticed the big difference ... Today I still do not know if it is authentic or false !!! Regards.
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Why can't I be you? (extended remix) / (no side) (issued 1987). Specialty Records label. - Thanks to jchristophem
Why can't I be you? (extended remix) / (no side) (Promo test pressing) 12" Single United States Specialty 100-200€ 4
Page thanks to jchristophem (187)

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