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Pictures of you / Last dance (live)
7" United Kingdom Fiction (green vinyl, mislabeled)
Issued in 1990. Catalogue #FICPA 34. Ltd. numbered green vinyl. No labels.

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"mispressed" ?  
By Fabien G (5) Dec, 11 2008 3:10 PM
What do you mean by "mispressed" ? Is it just because the label is missing, or is empty (plays no song), or plays 'pictures of you' like the a side, or plays 'last dance' (live) like http://www.thecurerecords.com/... , or plays something else...? Please explain.

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    Fabien G (5) Dec, 14 2008 6:29 PM
    Ho! I would never have thought some people would volontarily peel the label off to make a fake mislabeled record!!! Evil people! I am... I can't believe that! frankly, i am... :) i'm really astonished by human nature, day after day! It's such a shame, I'd love to see the exhaustive and definitive 20 000 Cure records colection! :) (just a little more work during the holidays :)
    webmaster Dec, 13 2008 10:07 AM
    I understand, and agree. I like mislabeled records, specially when the record is factory sealed (then we love them) // I never worked in a manufacturing plant, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were mislabeled copies for every vinyl. Then in the end we would list more than 1500 new records. But esthetics or excess of work are not THE reasons. We don't list mislabeled records because there is no way to know whether they were originally mislabeled or the labels were removed later on to make them look mislabeled (like some copies we have). By rejecting them we stop any tempation of hand-mislabeling, or sending us images of records pretending to be other records. There is no way we can check. // Good luck for whoever finds a mislabeled record. We welcome the images and will upload them on the item's page, but we will not create a new item.
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Pictures of you / Last dance (live) (issued 1990). Ltd. numbered green vinyl. No labels. - Thanks to easyjeje
Pictures of you / Last dance (live) 7" Single United Kingdom Fiction (green vinyl, mislabeled) 100-200€ 0
Page thanks to easyjeje (159)

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