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Lovesong / Lovesong
[Promo test pressing] - 12" United States Specialty (a/a)
Issued in 1989. Catalogue #ED 5390 DJ.

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By sukiac (27) Jul, 8 2015 7:52 PM
Bonjour ... I read on left of the label-1 under "DATE" ... "ACC'T EleKTRA" ... on the label-2 ... "ACC'T EleKRA" ... An error in the facsimile handwriting !!! ... And other test-pressings SRC exists too with some difference in the 'manual scripture !!! Look for the error ... Regards.

    sukiac (27) Sep, 19 2017 7:56 AM
    For to know, it would a verification from each collector ... For exemple, there are also small differences of form in the font characters ... as a capital 'A' pointed or rounded ... Good research!.
    ebiasi (3) Sep, 15 2017 3:50 PM
    Just checked my copy. Has Elektra written on both sides correctly. How many other copies are there on here of each version, correct/misspelled?
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Lovesong / Lovesong (issued 1989).  - Thanks to ztef93
Lovesong / Lovesong (Promo test pressing) 12" Single United States Specialty (a/a) 0-100€ 28
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