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Boys don't cry
Cassette Netherlands Fiction 
Issued in 1986. Catalogue #815 011-4. Same sleeve as the German issue.

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"Boys don't cry" Netherlands tape  
By webmaster Jun, 5 2008 11:53 AM
Hi reidy. You've sent us this ducth "Boys don't cry" cassette as 'German'. In fact the sleeve is Metronome's (Made in W.Germany), while the cassette is "Made in Holland". In this case, we will keep "Netherlands" since the target market -which is not explicit- would be Europe (not Germany). It's an 80's tape so we couldn't expect to read "Made in EU" either. Other issues are similar cases (Israel tape with German sleeves (#1492), or UK CDs with German sleeves (#3658). Another complete pain in the neck... which drives me to another question. Is it possible that the "Kiss me" tape we've just listed says indeed "Made in Holland" but is faded?

    webmaster Jun, 6 2008 8:05 AM
    Thanks reidy. Then we'll change it to "Netherlands". No duplication this time :)
    reidy (38) Jun, 5 2008 9:43 PM
    Hi, It gets confusing with the sleeve made in one country, the tape made in another and the actual item bought in another! Sorry if I've sent a duplication. With regards to the 'Kiss Me' tape - looking at it more closely on side I can make out the letters 'Holl' just above the Chrome symbol on the left hand side so I'd say yes, this tape was made in Holland. As you can tell by looking at the tape it has been played very often.
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Boys don't cry (issued 1986). Same sleeve as the German issue. - Thanks to easyjeje
Boys don't cry Cassette  Netherlands Fiction 0-100€ 8
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