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Cassette United States Elektra (AR 32:57)
Issued in 1992. Catalogue #9 61309-4. "AR" on tape. Timings are "(32:57)" on a-side, and "(30:10)" on b-side.

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AR vs SR  
By zakiaaa (290) Apr, 18 2008 8:38 AM
does anyone know the difference between tapes with 'AR' and tapes with 'SR' printed on them? what do they stand for -maybe R for 'recording'? i've seen other examples apart from this wish tape. thanks

    sukiac (27) Nov, 24 2014 6:33 PM
    TO ZAKIAAA ... To reduce transportation costs, America is split into two during few years ... Manufacturing and saling in the East: SR/RC/CR or SP = Speciality Records Corporation (SRC test-pressing) based in Olyphant-Pennsylvania near New York ... Manufacturing and saling in the West: AR = Allied Record Company (ARC) near Los Angeles ... See on back of each US pièces it writes the complet two address of each office ... Regards
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Wish (issued 1992). "AR" on tape. Timings are "(32:57)" on a-side, and "(30:10)" on b-side. - Thanks to easyjeje
Wish Cassette  United States Elektra (AR 32:57) 0-100€ 5
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