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VHS-PAL European Union Eagle Vision 
Issued in 2003. Catalogue #ERE 312. The videocassette inside the case is factory sealed.

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Trilogy on VHS-PAL  
By webmaster Nov, 17 2008 5:03 PM
Surprised to know a VHS-PAL version of Trilogy exists (!) (and also not as double videocassette). Simon please be so kind to send the scan of the sleeve so we can make the standard thumbnail (and see the spine as well). No rush. Thanks in advance

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    webmaster Nov, 18 2008 9:32 AM
    Thanks 7119simon / easyjeje
    easyjeje (159) Nov, 17 2008 8:26 PM
    I will try to find this advert (somewhere in my archives...) but I think it was this Pal version that was available. Many VHS sold in France in the early 2000's were PAL encoded, as most of VHS players, from the mid-90's to now, were bi-standard here in France (Pal & Secam).
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Trilogy (issued 2003). The videocassette inside the case is factory sealed. - Thanks to 7119simon
Trilogy VHS-PAL  European Union Eagle Vision 0-100€ 8
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