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[Master] - Reel-to-reel 7,5" United Kingdom Ferret & Spanner 
Issued in 1989. Catalogue #9920. The video for "Lovesong".

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Thanks !!!  
By vandeebgroup (72) Jan, 16 2009 3:08 PM
Thanks John for submitting scans of these great items! It's cool to see all these new rarities. --Zack

    john77 (36) Jan, 16 2009 5:50 PM
    hi zack - you (and all) are welcome, thought i would send scans in before everything was sold off - forgot to do some things but hopefully the buyers will send them in - more treasures to come as soon as the webmaster get five mins - John
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Lovesong (issued 1989). The video for "Lovesong". - Thanks to john77
Lovesong (Master) Reel-to-reel 7,5" Single United Kingdom Ferret & Spanner 600-1200€ 2
Page thanks to john77 (36)

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