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The caterpillar / Happy the man
7" United Kingdom Fiction (paper label, large hole)
Issued in 1984. Catalogue #FICS 20. White paper label. Large hole. An adaptor can be found in some copies.

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cut out centre  
By 7119simon (23) Jan, 26 2009 1:44 PM
i think the centre of this has been cut of to fit a juke box at some time.? I dont think this was originally released like this.Just my thought..looked at my copy and its complete paper label,unlike item 1438 which has a black ring around the centre..i could be wrong though.:-)

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    vandeebgroup (72) Jul, 23 2017 10:37 AM
    Bonjour Sukiac. Yes, I agree with what you wrote. Currently in the USA, most of the record pressing plants I'm aware of offer 7 inch records with either large hole or small (United, Gotta Groove, Rainbo, and others). When you place the order you just tell them which option you want. Traditionally, 33 1/3 rpm was small hole, and 45 rpm was large hole, but it hasn't been strictly that way for a long while. I still have no answer to the paper vs injection-molded plastic labels, though. The plastic labels seem to have gone away forever...
    sukiac (30) Jul, 18 2017 8:26 AM
    TO VANDEEBGROUP ... Binjour ... I think you bring the most likely answer ... The big holes 'jukebox' on paper labels are unofficial ... They are made by unofficial and non-accredited companies to meet the demand of many private jukebox owners or in public places ... They thus supply the non-listed by the official distributor of the company ... A printed strip accompanies each single, so ready to be set up by the owner in his device ... Moreover there is no mention of distributor on the strip ... In addition, sheets of cardboard strips, ready for personal computer printing, are sold pre-cut on Internet ... Except a few rare exceptions, the UK or ex-UK companies are the only ones to make singles-7 "with a 'small hole' ... Regards.
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The caterpillar / Happy the man (issued 1984). White paper label. Large hole. An adaptor can be found in some copies. - Thanks to jchristophem
The caterpillar / Happy the man 7" Single United Kingdom Fiction (paper label, large hole) 0-100€ 7
By sukiac (30) Jan, 17 2015 4:41 PM
Bonjour ... It is not mentioned if this single is with or without sleeve ... I have this jukebox format with the commercial sleeve and a white and red strip ... I can put an adaptator ... Regards.
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