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Three imaginary boys
CDx2 European Union Universal (rem. deluxe, " ")
Issued in 2004. Catalogue #982 182-8. Remastered deluxe. Matrix reads "982 182-9 00" and "982 183-0 00".

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Request for more scans  
By webmaster Dec, 28 2009 5:31 PM
Hi jchristophem, it's be great if you could send the rest of scans, even if they are identical to the "Made in Germany by Universal" edition. Thanks very much. No rush.

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    Fabien G (5) Mar, 29 2013 8:48 PM
    Well I sent a cover with sticker. I also sent the cover of the booklet and the cover of the additionnal pages. Indeed the original booklet was 16 pages (pic of Robert) and didn't include lyrics, so a 4 pages print proof was made available on the internet (band pic) to be printed at home.
    Fabien G (5) Mar, 29 2013 7:42 PM
    Shouldn't you add the sticker picture? I mean to make a complete item. My copy has the sticker.
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Three imaginary boys (issued 2004). Remastered deluxe. Matrix reads "982 182-9 00" and "982 183-0 00". - Thanks to jchristophem
Three imaginary boys CDx2  European Union Universal (rem. deluxe, " ") 0-100€ 7
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