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The head on the door
[Promo] - 12" Germany Metronome (+ press kit)
Issued in 1985. Catalogue #827 231-1 ME. Press kit includes bio sheets, a key-ring, a promo photograph and a bag.

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By sukiac (9) Jul, 9 2015 9:26 PM
Bonjour ... I have redeemed this "Press-Kit" to this collector on TCR ... I doubt that it was distributed in this way !!! Initially as usual, Metronome distributed in Germany before commercial issue: a normal album + Promo Sheet(s) + b&w photo(s) ... For me the rest, ie the plastic bag and the keyring is added back !!! ... On the bag any promo mark ... I bought the series of keyrings "Cure Album" between 2000/2005 !!! That's what I can say about this press kit ... Regards.

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    alovetocure (20) Jan, 22 2020 10:18 PM
    The key ring is not guaranteed!
    alovetocure (20) Jan, 22 2020 10:15 PM
    So if you bought an LP from The Cure`s Head on the Door or from Double`s Blue, you got this plastic bag. Both albums were released in 1985. Maybe then somehow belongs to the album.
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The head on the door (issued 1985). Press kit includes bio sheets, a key-ring, a promo photograph and a bag. - Thanks to Lecume
The head on the door (Promo) 12"  Germany Metronome (+ press kit) 100-200€ 4
TheHead on the Door  
By alovetocure (20) Jan, 21 2020 11:07 PM
Yes, I also think that the key fob and the carrying case are not part of the set, so the key fob was available from different albums in 2004. Please remove the webmaster using the black folder with The Cure silver font from Kis Me UK Promo, Item 4599. thx
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