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The 13th
[In-band] - VHS-PAL United Kingdom Oil Factory 
Issued in 1996. Catalogue #(none). Robert Smith's copy. Handwritten by him.

Out of market
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Beautiful item  
By jchristophem (187) Feb, 18 2022 12:46 AM
Thanks for recent updates!

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    Fabien G (5) Apr, 7 2022 11:42 PM
    Thanks ebiasi, that's interesting to read. & It would be fun to watch.
    ebiasi (3) Mar, 12 2022 10:23 PM
    I don't know the exact contents of this video though I do know how John came by this copy (but i've signed an NDA!) - however I used to work in post production many years ago so what I can tell you is an 'offline' edit is the first process in bringing all the footage together (from a format like digital to basic vhs) then making a rough but final cut version before it goes to 'online' editing where all the same cuts/edits are made but with the original (better quality) footage and all the final effects and audio synching etc are added - it's like a practice version of what the final promo film should be like in a way -
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The 13th (issued 1996). Robert Smith's copy. Handwritten by him. - Thanks to john77
The 13th (In-band) VHS-PAL Single United Kingdom Oil Factory Out of market 1
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