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Contributions from eyerawk 
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      Blu-ray Disc
Trilogy (issued 2009).  - Thanks to eyerawk.
 Trilogy Blu-ray Disc
LP Australia Shock
The top (issued 1984). Record club issue. No bar code on sleeve. - Thanks to eyerawk.
 The top Cassette
LP United States Columbia House
Standing on a beach  The singles (issued 1986). Title and catalog number are ink stamped. - Thanks to eyerawk.
 Standing on a beach · The singles Cassette
LP Ireland Polydor
Disintegration (issued 1996).  - Thanks to eyerawk.
 Disintegration Cassette
LP Russia Mega
Entreat (issued 1991). Promo titles on tape. - Thanks to eyerawk.
 Entreat (Promo) Cassette
LP Argentina Polydor
Just say yes / Just say yes (acoustic version) (issued 2002). EU edition with sticker in front and inside. - Thanks to eyerawk.
 Just say yes / Just say yes (acoustic version) (Promo only) CD
Single Israel Universal
Freakshow (mix 13) (issued 2008). "Watermarked! Warning" Universal sticker seal. Printed on disc is a number, name and company. - Thanks to eyerawk.
 Freakshow (mix 13) (Promo acetate) CD-R
Single United States Geffen
Trilogy (issued 2004). Single DVD. - Thanks to eyerawk.
 Trilogy DVD
LP Russia Eagle Vision
Close to me (closer mix) (issued 1990).  - Thanks to eyerawk.
 Close to me (closer mix) (Master) Reel-to-reel
Single United Kingdom Ferret & Spanner
 Out of market  
Staring at the sea  The images (issued 1997). PolyGram Video. Sleeve in English. - Thanks to eyerawk.
 Staring at the sea · The images VHS-PAL
LP Russia PolyGram (PolyGram Video)
      Vinyl 12"
V.A. - Times Square (issued 1980). Gatefold sleeve. - Thanks to eyerawk.
 Times Square 12"x2
Soundtrack New Zealand PolyGram (w/ "Grinding halt")
Let's go to bed (extended) / Boys don't cry (extended) (issued 1986). Two-sided test pressing. - Thanks to eyerawk.
 Let's go to bed (extended) / Boys don't cry (extended) (Test pressing) 12"
Single United States Specialty
Entreat (issued 1991). Yellow label. - Thanks to eyerawk.
 Entreat (Test pressing) 12"
LP Hungary (label unknown)
      Vinyl 7"
The holy hour / (no side) (issued 1989).  - Thanks to eyerawk.
 The holy hour / (no side) (Promo acetate) 7"
Track-off United States Elektra
In-between days / The exploding boy (issued 1985). Polygram Portugal stamped cardboard sleeve and promo sticker on label. - Thanks to eyerawk.
 In-between days / The exploding boy (Promo) 7"
Single Portugal PolyGram
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