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Massive Attack Mezzanine
CD European Union Circa (w/ "10:15 saturday night" sample)
Issued in 1998. Catalogue #WBRCD4. With "Man next door", includes a sample of "10:15 saturday night".

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also in threefold digisleeve!  
By siamese (1) Jun, 11 2010 3:44 PM
Hi, Thanks to add this cd, I had it from Delabel (french label record) in 1998 with a french bio. I also own a threefold digisleeve copy (EU too), reference #WBRCDX4 on the sleeve, WBCDX4 on the disc. Scans next week!

    rabot (0) Jan, 15 2013 10:46 AM
    What about the vinyl pressing ?
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Massive Attack · Mezzanine CD LP European Union Circa (w/ "10:15 saturday night" sample) 0-100€ 5
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