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Faith / Carnage Visors (issued 1988). "2 for 1" red & black long sleeve. - Thanks to anonymous.
 Faith / Carnage Visors Cassette
LP United Kingdom Fiction (1988, long sleeve)
The top (issued 1984). "Imp. Polygram Industries Messageries, Imprimé en France" on the back of the sleeve. - Thanks to anonymous.
 The top Cassette
LP France Polydor ("Pol. Ind. Messageries")
Disintegration (issued 2000). White flower. Matrix says "Made in Germany by Universal M&L". - Thanks to Anonymous.
 Disintegration CD
LP Germany Universal ("by Universal", white flower)
Wild mood swings (issued 2000). Matrix says "Made in France by Universal M & L". - Thanks to anonymous.
 Wild mood swings CD
LP France Universal
V.A. - Crush (issued 1997). Includes "Lovesong (remix)". - Thanks to anonymous.
 Crush CDx2
LP United Kingdom PolyGram TV (w/ "Lovesong (remix)")
V.A. - Back to mine: Tricky (issued 2003). Includes a 4:15 version of "Lullaby" with 10 seconds mixed by Tricky and added at the end of the track. - Thanks to anonymous.
 Back to mine: Tricky (Promo) CD
LP United Kingdom DMC (w/ "Lullaby" (4:15))
The cure (issued 2004). White label reads "THE CURE - The Cure, "see cover for song titles"". - Thanks to anonymous.
 The cure (Test acetate) CD-R
LP United States Universal
4:13 dream sampler (issued 2008). 4-tr sampler including "The only one", "Frekshow", "Sleep when I'm dead" and "The Perfect Boy", each called Mix 13. - Thanks to Anonymous.
 4:13 dream sampler (Promo acetate) CD-R
Sampler Netherlands Universal
Play out (issued 1992).  - Thanks to Anonymous.
 Play out (Test pressing) 12" Laserdisc
LP United States Specialty
      Vinyl 12"
A forest / Another journey by train (issued 1980). Green vinyl with stickered label. A-side length is "6:42" and includes "The final sound". Made in Australia but believed to be meant for sale in New Zealand only. - Thanks to Anonymous.
 A forest / Another journey by train 12"
Single New Zealand Stunn (green vinyl, mispressed)
Pornography (issued 1982). Label with big A&M letters. - Thanks to anonymous.
 Pornography 12"
LP Canada A&M (large logo)
Bon Jovi / Japanese whispers (issued 1984). Split record with Bon Jovi's "Bon Jovi"'s A-side b/w "Japanese whispers"'s A-side. - Thanks to anonymous.
 Bon Jovi / Japanese whispers (Promo only) 12"
Radio/TV broadcast United States Armed Forces Radio (split)
The top (issued 1987). Promo ink stamped on labels. - Thanks to anonymous.
 The top (Promo) 12"
LP Brazil PolyGram (ink stamped)
The top (issued 1984). 1-sided. - Thanks to Anonymous.
 The top (Test acetate) 12"
LP United States Sire
 Out of market  
V.A. - (no title) (issued 1986). Includes "In-between days". - Thanks to anonymous.
 (no title) (Promo only) 12"
LP Argentina Polydor (w/ "In-between days")
Boys don't cry (issued 1986). PolyGram Difusión die-cut sleeve. White label. - Thanks to Anonymous.
 Boys don't cry (Promo test pressing) 12"
Maxi-single Argentina Polydor
V.A. - (no title) (issued 1986). Includes "Close to me". Note "Head against the door". - Thanks to anonymous.
 (no title) (Promo only) 12"
LP Argentina London (w/ "Close to me")
Why can't I be you? (12" remix) / A Japanese dream (issued 1987). "PolyGram difusión" stickered die-cut sleeve. - Thanks to Anonymous.
 Why can't I be you? (12" remix) / A Japanese dream (Promo test pressing) 12"
Maxi-single Argentina PolyGram
Kiss me kiss me kiss me (issued 1987). French edition. Catalogue "POL 287" is printed, not stickered. - Thanks to anonymous.
 Kiss me kiss me kiss me 12"x2
LP France Fiction (M. in France, "POL 287" printed)
Kiss me kiss me kiss me (issued 1987). Edisa sleeve with the cassette commercial sleeve cut and glued on front side and back side. Promo stamp on sleeve and label. It can be found with red or/and blue ink stamps. - Thanks to Anonymous.
 Kiss me kiss me kiss me (Promo test pressing) 12"x2
LP Uruguay Polydor
Catch (issued 1987). Promo titles on labels. Standard commercial sleeve. - Thanks to anonymous.
 Catch (Promo) 12"
Maxi-single Argentina Polydor (standard sleeve)
Catch (issued 1987). Test pressing issued with "PolyGram difusión" sleeve. - Thanks to Anonymous.
 Catch (Promo test pressing) 12"
Maxi-single Argentina Polydor
V.A. - (no title) (issued 1989). Includes "Fascination street". - Thanks to anonymous.
 (no title) (Promo only) 12"
LP Argentina Polydor (w/ "Fascination street")
V.A. - Felicidades'91 (issued 1990). Includes "Lullaby". - Thanks to anonymous.
 Felicidades'91 (Promo only) 12"x2
LP Mexico PolyGram (w/ "Lullaby")
      Vinyl 7"
A forest / Another journey by train (issued 1980). A-label on both sides. - Thanks to Anonymous.
 A forest / Another journey by train 7"
Single Netherlands Polydor (mispressed)
Let's go to bed / Just one kiss (issued 1982).  - Thanks to anonymous.
 Let's go to bed / Just one kiss 7"
Single Netherlands Polydor
In-between days / (blank) (issued 1985). One sided test pressing. Part of the drum introduction of "In-between days" is missing, making it a mispressed test pressing. The other side has grooves but no audio. The matrix reads "SPECIALTY OF PENN". Date "OCT 10 1985" is stamped on a-side. - Thanks to anonymous.
 In-between days / (blank) (Test pressing) 7"
Single United States Specialty
The Bonaparte's - For winter (remix) / Hymn (issued 1986). The track "Hymn" is produced by Laurence Tolhurst. - Thanks to anonymous.
 For winter (remix) / Hymn (Promo) 7"
Single France Garage (w/ Lol Tolhurst)
Why can't I be you? / (no side) (issued 1987).  - Thanks to Anonymous.
 Why can't I be you? / (no side) (Test acetate) 7"
Single United States Sterling Sound
 Out of market  
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