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Faith / Carnage Visors (issued 1988). "2 for 1" red & black long sleeve. - Thanks to anonymous.
 Faith / Carnage Visors Cassette
LP United Kingdom Fiction (1988, long sleeve)
The top (issued 1984). "Imp. Polygram Industries Messageries, Imprimé en France" on the back of the sleeve. - Thanks to anonymous.
 The top Cassette
LP France Polydor ("Pol. Ind. Messageries")
Disintegration (issued 2000). White flower. Matrix says "Made in Germany by Universal M&L". - Thanks to Anonymous.
 Disintegration CD
LP Germany Universal ("by Universal", white flower)
Wild mood swings (issued 2000). Matrix says "Made in France by Universal M & L". - Thanks to anonymous.
 Wild mood swings CD
LP France Universal
V.A. - Crush (issued 1997). Includes "Lovesong (remix)". - Thanks to anonymous.
 Crush CDx2
LP United Kingdom PolyGram TV (w/ "Lovesong (remix)")
V.A. - Back to mine: Tricky (issued 2003). Includes a 4:15 version of "Lullaby" with 10 seconds mixed by Tricky and added at the end of the track. - Thanks to anonymous.
 Back to mine: Tricky (Promo) CD
LP United Kingdom DMC (w/ "Lullaby" (4:15))
The cure (issued 2004). White label reads "THE CURE - The Cure, "see cover for song titles"". - Thanks to anonymous.
 The cure (Test acetate) CD-R
LP United States Universal
4:13 dream sampler (issued 2008). 4-tr sampler including "The only one", "Frekshow", "Sleep when I'm dead" and "The Perfect Boy", each called Mix 13. - Thanks to Anonymous.
 4:13 dream sampler (Promo acetate) CD-R
Sampler Netherlands Universal
Play out (issued 1992).  - Thanks to Anonymous.
 Play out (Test pressing) 12" Laserdisc
LP United States Specialty
      Vinyl 12"
A forest / Another journey by train (issued 1980). Green vinyl with stickered label. A-side length is "6:42" and includes "The final sound". Made in Australia but believed to be meant for sale in New Zealand only. - Thanks to Anonymous.
 A forest / Another journey by train 12"
Single New Zealand Stunn (green vinyl, mispressed)
Pornography (issued 1982). Label with big A&M letters. - Thanks to anonymous.
 Pornography 12"
LP Canada A&M (large logo)
Bon Jovi / Japanese whispers (issued 1984). Split record with Bon Jovi's "Bon Jovi"'s A-side b/w "Japanese whispers"'s A-side. - Thanks to anonymous.
 Bon Jovi / Japanese whispers (Promo only) 12"
Radio/TV broadcast United States Armed Forces Radio (split)
The top (issued 1987). Promo ink stamped on labels. - Thanks to anonymous.
 The top (Promo) 12"
LP Brazil PolyGram (ink stamped)
The top (issued 1984). 1-sided. - Thanks to Anonymous.
 The top (Test acetate) 12"
LP United States Sire
 Out of market  
V.A. - (no title) (issued 1986). Includes "In-between days". - Thanks to anonymous.
 (no title) (Promo only) 12"
LP Argentina Polydor (w/ "In-between days")
V.A. - (no title) (issued 1986). Includes "Close to me". Note "Head against the door". - Thanks to anonymous.
 (no title) (Promo only) 12"
LP Argentina London (w/ "Close to me")
Kiss me kiss me kiss me (issued 1987). French edition. Catalogue "POL 287" is printed, not stickered. - Thanks to anonymous.
 Kiss me kiss me kiss me 12"x2
LP France Fiction (M. in France, "POL 287" printed)
Catch (issued 1987). Promo titles on labels. Standard commercial sleeve. - Thanks to anonymous.
 Catch (Promo) 12"
Maxi-single Argentina Polydor (standard sleeve)
Catch (issued 1987). Test pressing issued with "PolyGram difusión" sleeve. - Thanks to Anonymous.
 Catch (Promo test pressing) 12"
Maxi-single Argentina Polydor
V.A. - (no title) (issued 1989). Includes "Fascination street". - Thanks to anonymous.
 (no title) (Promo only) 12"
LP Argentina Polydor (w/ "Fascination street")
V.A. - Felicidades'91 (issued 1990). Includes "Lullaby". - Thanks to anonymous.
 Felicidades'91 (Promo only) 12"x2
LP Mexico PolyGram (w/ "Lullaby")
      Vinyl 7"
A forest / Another journey by train (issued 1980). A-label on both sides. - Thanks to Anonymous.
 A forest / Another journey by train 7"
Single Netherlands Polydor (mispressed)
Let's go to bed / Just one kiss (issued 1982).  - Thanks to anonymous.
 Let's go to bed / Just one kiss 7"
Single Netherlands Polydor
In-between days / (blank) (issued 1985). One sided test pressing. Part of the drum introduction of "In-between days" is missing, making it a mispressed test pressing. The other side has grooves but no audio. The matrix reads "SPECIALTY OF PENN". Date "OCT 10 1985" is stamped on a-side. - Thanks to anonymous.
 In-between days / (blank) (Test pressing) 7"
Single United States Specialty
The Bonaparte's - For winter (remix) / Hymn (issued 1986). The track "Hymn" is produced by Laurence Tolhurst. - Thanks to anonymous.
 For winter (remix) / Hymn (Promo) 7"
Single France Garage (w/ Lol Tolhurst)
Why can't I be you? / (no side) (issued 1987).  - Thanks to Anonymous.
 Why can't I be you? / (no side) (Test acetate) 7"
Single United States Sterling Sound
 Out of market  
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