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Contributions from Fabien G 
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Mixed up (issued 1990). BIEM/MCPS on disc. 4 small Universal logos on matrix, ref 00422 847 099-2 01 * 52329373 MADE IN GERMANY BY EDC,letter E, and tiny FPI 0149. Big silver misprint on front cover. Silver colour is slightly transparent. Below the barcode, upside-down letters read 'Graphic Response'. - Thanks to Fabien G.
 Mixed up CD
LP Germany Polydor ("Germany by EDC")
V.A. - The crow (issued 1994). French sticker. Film soundtrack with track "Burn". Made In Germany by Warner Music Warner Manufacturing Europe. Matrix reads: 756782519-2 WME (Warner logo). - Thanks to Fabien G.
 The crow CD
Soundtrack France Atlantic (w/ "Burn")
      Vinyl 12"
V.A. - Tommy presents - Pop (issued 1992). Includes "Friday I'm in love". - Thanks to Fabien G.
 Tommy presents - Pop 12"
LP Bulgaria Balkanton (w/ "Friday I'm in love")
      Vinyl 7"
Friday I'm in love / (no side) (issued 2012). Number 50-1/1 Secret 7". Sleeve designed by Fabien Garon. Part of the Secret 7" exhibition 21/04/12. - Thanks to Fabien G.
 Friday I'm in love / (no side) 7"
Single United Kingdom Secret 7" (#050)
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