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Contributions from john77 
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Homesick / Last dance (issued 1989). 2 tracks. Given for free in stores only along with the first vinyl copies of the 12" vinyl of "Disintegration". - Thanks to john77.
 Homesick / Last dance (Promo only) Cassette
Track-off Spain EuroGram
Wild mood swings - Six song journalist listening tape (issued 1996). 6 track advance promo sampler tape for "Wild mood swings". Note the working title for "The 13th". - Thanks to john77.
 Wild mood swings - Six song journalist listening tape (Promo only) Cassette
LP United Kingdom Fiction
The 13th (swing radio edit) (issued 1996).  - Thanks to john77.
 The 13th (swing radio edit) (Test acetate) CD-R
Single United Kingdom Chop Em Out
V.A. - Video Wall 8/96 (issued 1996). Includes "Mint car". - Thanks to john77.
 Video Wall 8/96 (Promo only) 12" Laserdisc
LP United States Time Warner (w/ "Mint car")
Standing on a beach radio spot (issued 1986). Radio spot announcing "Standing on a beach" release by Elektra. Cue-sheet with script and description. The music features cuts of "Let's go to bed", "In-between days" and "The lovecats". Date on cue-sheets reads June 25, 1986. - Thanks to john77.
 Standing on a beach radio spot (Master) Reel-to-reel
Radio/TV broadcast United States Atlantic
Lovesong (issued 1989). The video for "Lovesong". - Thanks to john77.
 Lovesong (Master) Reel-to-reel 7,5"
Single United Kingdom Ferret & Spanner
Fascination street (issued 1989).  - Thanks to john77.
 Fascination street (In-house) U-matic NTSC
Single United States Elektra
Live in Leipzig (issued 1991). Custom white and red sleeve. - Thanks to john77.
 Live in Leipzig (Promo only) VHS-PAL
Radio/TV broadcast New Zealand Warner
      Vinyl 12"
V.A. - Top of the Pops - 808 (issued 1980). Includes "A forest". BBC Transcription Services with original green label with cue sheet. - Thanks to john77.
 Top of the Pops - 808 (Transcription) 12"
Radio/TV broadcast United Kingdom BBC (w/ "A forest", + cue sheet)
V.A. - Top of the Pops - 887 (issued 1981). Includes "Charlotte sometimes". BBC Transcription Services with original green label with cue sheet. - Thanks to john77.
 Top of the Pops - 887 (Transcription) 12"
Radio/TV broadcast United Kingdom BBC (w/ "Charlotte sometimes", + cue sheet)
V.A. - Top of the Pops - 976 (issued 1983). Includes "The walk". BBC Transcription Services with original green label with cue sheet. - Thanks to john77.
 Top of the Pops - 976 (Transcription) 12"
Radio/TV broadcast United Kingdom BBC (w/ "The walk", + cue sheet)
The top (issued 1984). With obi. White label. Misspelt "The caterpiller" on obi. Press kit with 2 press release folders, plain red and pictured.  - Thanks to john77.
 The top (Promo) 12"
LP Japan Vap (+ press kit)
Quadpus (issued 1986).  - Thanks to john77.
 Quadpus (Test pressing) 12"
EP United States Specialty
Standing on a beach · The singles (issued 1986). With promo stamp on back sleeve. - Thanks to john77.
 Standing on a beach · The singles (Promo) 12"
LP United Kingdom Fiction
V.A. - Future hits (issued 1987). With cue sheet. Includes "Why can't I be you?". Used for radio broadcast, to be aired the week of Friday, July 10, 1987. - Thanks to john77.
 Future hits (Promo only) 12"
Radio/TV broadcast United States Westwood One (w/ "Why can't I be you?", + cue sheet)
V.A. - Rock over London #88/08 (issued 1988). With cue sheet. Includes "Hot hot hot !!!". Used for radio broadcast, to be aired the weekend of February 20-21, 1988. - Thanks to john77.
 Rock over London #88/08 (Promo only) 12"
Radio/TV broadcast United States Rock Over London (w/ "Hot hot hot !!!", + cue sheet)
V.A. - Rock '89: The year in review (issued 1989). Includes "Fascination street". For broadcast the week of December 25, 1989. - Thanks to john77.
 Rock '89: The year in review (Promo only) 12"x5
Radio/TV broadcast United States Westwood One (w/ "Fascination street")
A letter to Elise (live) / The big hand (live) (issued 1991). Two-sided acetate. Note misspelt "Letter to Elice" - Thanks to john77.
 A letter to Elise (live) / The big hand (live) (Test acetate) 12"
Single United Kingdom Master Room
      Vinyl 7"
Killing an arab / (no side) (issued 1978). Titles are typed. Number "78" is ink stamped. - Thanks to john77.
 Killing an arab / (no side) (Test acetate) 7"
Single United Kingdom PRT Studios (type)
 Out of market  
Killing an arab / 10.15 saturday night (issued 1978). Two different compliments slips and a Small Wonder card all signed by the owners of Small Wonder. - Thanks to john77.
 Killing an arab / 10.15 saturday night (Promo) 7"
Single United Kingdom Small Wonder
The upstairs room / The upstairs room (issued 1983). B-sided with unreleased 5:11 extended version. - Thanks to john77.
 The upstairs room / The upstairs room (Test acetate) 7"
Track-off South Africa Polydor
 Out of market  
Lullaby / Lovesong (issued 1989).  - Thanks to john77.
 Lullaby / Lovesong (Promo only) 7"
Single Mexico PolyGram
High / This twilight garden (issued 1992). Test-pressing. Yellow handwritten label with release date: 10 February 1992. - Thanks to john77.
 High / This twilight garden (Test pressing) 7"
Single France Cops
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